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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

Next time I'll have to treat these as fishing reports and take some pics

Spent this past weekend there May 3-5 . Great weather and even with the horrible fire damage this is a great park. Did about 5 minutes of fishing in their small pond (thats about all the fishing my boy could handle that day...oh well not the non stop surf action he is spoiled from). You could use a kayak there or rent canoes. I bank fished with no results. Lots of great hiking (trails) and biking (paved only). I really liked the hiking tarils; again I can just imagine how impressive this parked used to be.

Import notes:
- most of the full service sites are nicely setup, except lucky 13 that I got. The sewage location is almost inaccessible, required 40ft of hose and then require some hand tending due to the grade being uphill. It was so azz backwards it didn;t even make sense where it was located. If I hadn;t bought a complete spare swere hose setup I would have een a "crappy situation"

- there are sand burs EVERYWHERE near the sites, it took me 2 hrs to get them out of my dog to the point it could walk again (that was after tying her up for only 30 minutes to unhook the trailer!)......finished up last night almost 1/2 hour getting all of them out; after the first bout I kept her in the trailer and when outside on pavement or gravel only

- Roadrunners are not blue and do not go "meep meep"; :D they hd a lot of Road Runner in the camping area, they are a fun to watch

and now the real lesson!
So you never think about your slide until it doesn't..................slide back in..... :horse: and you can't tow it for repairs :horse: and if you are on the road your vacation is likley turning into a National Lampoons movie script :horse: and if your at home you are likley blocking access to your garage and can't get your other vehicle out :horse: and you are likley swearing like a sailor who was just dneied a shore pass :horse:

Luckily we were home and just finished cleaning out. It moved a few inches than nothing :shock: . Then I noticed only one side was moving :( . I search for any obstruction with no joy for almost two hours. I read about battery issues, manual cranks (my motor is burried under a sela place

While I am search for a most likley a toy or similar stuck in the slide; my wife brings me a brochure on the Dual Slide Controler (boy she is a keeper). Two Minutes later I find this unit jammed almost inacessible spot under the stove and read the error code. Motor 2 short :horse: . Used the instruction to put into Overide mode and 3 minutes later with a bit of pushing from the outside she is closed and square. :D

Pretty bad when you are happy your recently purcahsed TT is already needing to head in for repairs.......happy you can actually tow it for repairs :horse:
Went back to Bastrop SP this past weekend for a lst minute camping trip. Had just as much fun minus any issues with the SLIDE! :lol:

I really like this park and even more so because its a short 2.5-3hr drive away!

Campsite #8 had much better position for their hookups.

Weather was great Friday evening but even I found it hot Saturday. Saturday evening it cooled down nicely, and the torential rain hit around 3am. Sunday morning cool (PERFECT!) and managing to sneak in a decent hike with the boy before breaking camp.

Actually saw some small catfish caught (on night crawlers under a bobber) but we had no luck. I like that you can bike to the small fishing lake, brought back fond memories of ALWAYS doing some form of "bike fishing" when I was a kid. The boy put in a record breaking 27 minutes of freshwater fishing..........its hard to compete with the non stop action of saltwater beach fishing! :D

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