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By Earl
Glad to hear you guys had a good trip despite the rain. I see the DDRC guys caught up with you on Sunday. The guy in the red canoe and cowboy hat is Tom Taylor. Yes, he can really load a boat. Jaws and his dog UhOh is quite a character. Jaws and his girlfriend will be joining me on a trip in New Mexico in about a month.

Glad to hear there was still some dry real estate on that big island. Sounds like I missed a good one.


I got home and unpacked and realized I haven't even checked the thread for pics or anything until paul said something on another thread :lol: It was good to see everybody and good meeting wayne as well. The river left alot to be desired as far as fishing but between rodloos and I going on the same trip i'm surprised we didn't set the new record level flood line for the river :oops: I did manage one bite on a black rabbit strip fly but was napping and didnt get a good hook set, but there's always next time and I think I may just stick to my baitcasters for the river since i still managed to catch a few last time the water was muddy with big soft plastics! I'm glad my wife stayed home on this trip though due to all the rain but we'll be back on another adventure before too long!
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