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By rodloos
I wasn't counting on how bad the traffic would be. Averaging about 20-30 mph for much of the way down. Just now made it to the rest stop north of the exit for the toll road, got soaked running inside through the storm :).

Hopefully will make it there within an hour or so.
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By texan4ut
Well things progressed much faster than I planned. Went online yesterday afternoon and looked at about 50 trucks, found one I really liked at what I could afford, filled out the credit stuff online. Sales guy called this morning and asked a few questions, said he would send it to the finance manager. About 11:30 he called and said he had everything done. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the dealer until late today. Got the paper work done and brought her home. Wasn't in time though to switch over my trailer hitch and get lights checked etc. due to the rain. Plus I set a couple of appoints for tomorrow. Wish I would have known I would get something this fast I might could have made the trip. Have fun and I will try and make the next one. Camo we do need to make a trip to Goose Island.
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bowgarguide wrote:Hope this crew isnt getting any high water,

The water did come up quite a bit but it didn't interfere with camping. It did rain the majority of Saturday and the water was moving pretty quick but it turned out to be a great trip. Ended up hooking a gar bit didn't land it in the yak. That was the only bite I had Saturday.

It was all in all a great trip with a great group of people. I'm ready for the next one!
By rodloos
I had a great time in spite of the rain. Lot's of fun with good company, even though the fishing was poor due to muddy/rising water. I'm sure I gained a few pounds from eating too much :). I was sooooo glad the rain finally quit Saturday afternoon. Heard thunder and saw dark clouds with some rain on Sunday, but they passed us by.

The drive home was a pain due to the construction and holiday traffic on I35, but I made it home OK. Got my kayak put up but have not even begun to unpack all the gear from the dry bags.
By milret
All I can say is I am beat. Definitely an interesting trip in many aspect. Rain, yep and plenty of it on Sat. Actually began Friday evening as we arrived at the Hobo Camp. Knew Rodney had to be in the area and low an behold he shows up about 45 minutes later. Rain explained. Launch Sat was in the rain and paddled about 41/2 hours in the rain. Got to island, set up camp in rain. Finally it stopped. Changed clothes, got fire started and fixed my meal. I lost the best of the best meal, actually I came in last. Paul fixed steak and lobster. River got close to coming up on the island but finally subsided . Sunday we had lots of Sunshine. Some went swimming, I sang some campfire songs for Lynne. All in all we talked about everything beginning with cave people. Later that day another group of 7 showed up with four large dogs. One really wanted to share my super sized baked potatoe. One of them was a gentleman from Canada, living in Dallas I think. Who basically has Canoe traveled all over the place. Told some really great trip stories. Especially the ones he took in Canada. On Monday it was packup time and hit the water. Current was really moving but we had moments of strong head winds with some white capping of the river. All of the rapids were underwater this time which meant no pin balling. All in all great trip despite certain inconviences. Ready for another, DRY.
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By Hirsch
As stated, the first day was rain right up until about 4:00. However, Temperatures were warm so I saw no one retreat to rain gear. I did though mop out the bottom of the canoe a couple of times.


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By Hirsch
As night came the skies cleared and a near full moonshine was revealed shining over our campfire that was started throught Rods masterful skills with wet wood.



Of course a few succumbed to the ordeals of the day. :D
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By Hirsch
Of course no trip report would be complete without a group pic. Here we are.

There was actually two groups that came in on Sunday evening. The Dallas Down River joined us. Fred, the Canadian who has done other places including Johns Bay and Hudson Bay while living in Canada and a fellow name "Jaws" proved quite gregarious and joined us around the fire that night. A third set the record for packing a load for a two night trip. He had converted a 16' tandem Old Town Penobscot into a solo canoe. No longer can anyone legitimately tease me about my gear.
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By Firefly49
yaktipper wrote:Highlights of the trip for me were songs by Larry and John, seeing a baby fawn about 3 feet away, having Lynne on the trip, and the surf and turf dinner. :clap:

Loved the serenading, lol. Just when you think you know someone and they come up with THAT!!
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