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By Hirsch
Sunday evening milret and I met up at Martin Dies State Pak and set camp. Visiting a bit after dinner we hit the rack early to get a good nights sleep. Ed came in later that night and parked without waking us sleeping in his truck. The three of us represented the "old men" all being close to 60. Monday morning we drove to Sheffield Landing where we met Chris (Black Rifle), cousin Drew and friend David, "the young men" all in their late twenties. Unloading quickly we left David to guard boats and gear and made the hour drive down to Lumberton to meet out outfitter from Piney Woods Outfitters. Catching a ride back up the river we got afloat about 1:00 PM. Keeping our float short that day we pulled ashore about 3:30 and set camp for the first evening. Chilly we set after supper enjoying the fire and getting to know each other before bed. The next morning met us with a thermometer reading 29 degrees.


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By Hirsch
Launching Tuesday we tried our hand at fishing. Bass for the trip was a skunk. The river was muddy with water clarity down to about a foot, maybe 18". Drew caught the biggest fish, a cat about 3 lbs and David caught the most with two dinks running about 6" and 11". We quickly came to the consensus that we were more interested in fishing and relaxing that covering miles admitted we had the option to shorten the trip about 10 miles and a days paddling for a day long layover.


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By Hirsch
Unlike other rivers we have done there was not the slightest hint or pools and riffles with maybe a few minor rapids the Neches was no hint of fast water but just a steady 2 to 2.5 mph. The bigger hazard here was snags, many just below the surface meaning attention had to be boils marking them. We all bumped one sometime and I was almost flipped by one. Though most trees were still bare a few were starting to sprout buds and early leaves



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By Hirsch
Thursday was so hot on the reflecting white sand a cooler was called for in the form of a soak in the cold river and then letting the breezes work their magic in evaporative cooling.


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By Hirsch
But all good things end. After a trip like this I feel I am often popping 800 mg of ibuprofen for my back and very stiff, but still wish I could go 5 more days. :D


Waiting for the ride out to our vehicles.
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By Earl
Nice looking trip there. Always good to have a warm fire at night. Nice looking stretch of river with lots of camp spots. Thanks for the great pictures and report.


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By Hirsch
Harold Ray, We camped Sunday night at the state park. After getting through with the shuttle we got on the water about 1:00 PM on Monday and debarked at 11:00 AM on Friday.

Larry, food varied considerably. Some made the entire trip with evening meals of Mountain House, to the young men eating fresh meat every night followed by bacon and eggs every morning. I went canned in the evening with Campbell's Chili, Margret Holmes' red beans and rice with canned chicken added followed by a variety chunky soups.

Earl, thanks for the kind words.
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By BlackRifle
Life long memories made, trip was great, company was better. Looking forward to the next adventure!

Thanks for uploading the pictures Paul!

You think Ed will post his in here?
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By fisher of people
Great report, as always! Sure wish I could have come on this one, I've been wanting to do that float for years. We're at a stage in our lives where Spring Break means family vacation time, and I'm rarely able to get away for the longer floats I used to love. Makes me appreciate your reports all the more, even though they do spark some jealousy!
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By M.saxatilis
Hirsch: That was a great report. Don't know that I can improve upon it , but, I do have a few different picts. Look for them Tuesday or Wednesday.

Ms }<)));>
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By Hirsch
M.saxatilis wrote:Hirsch: That was a great report. Don't know that I can improve upon it , but, I do have a few different picts. Look for them Tuesday or Wednesday.

Ms }<)));>

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By Bigrock
Looks like you fellows had a great time. Thanks for the report Hirsch, and look forward to seeing some of the others pics as well.

That is a part of the state that I don't get to see much of, and I always enjoy seeing the new (to me) places. Like a mini National Geographic. :D
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