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By makenmend
Put in at hwy 16 bridge, cool morning but warming quickly,getting loaded up.Had to drag some river was down from same time last year.

set up camp early afternoon prepared meal for the evening also set out poles for cat fishing at nite.(they didn't coperate)


Not long after dark hogs were every where or so it seemed from the sounds.
By dandturtle830
yeah i still havent figured out how to post pics well mainly beacuse i cant i look at this site while im at work..they block you for every other thing :x
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By makenmend
Hi Paul yessir thats exactly what we did.

Tried again to post more pics today but still getting logged off when up loading no problem with other site so thats it I'm afraid, to much time wasted.Seems the system to up load has changed,dosn't work for me.

By rodloos
Hi John, Good to see that you are recovering enough to start kayaking again! Too bad the catfish didn't cooperate :).

Have you tried using a free account at photobucket or one of the other picture hosting sites? I think if you do that, you can upload your pictures there and then just link to them with the IMG tag, that might keep TKF from timing out while you are uploading them.

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By makenmend
Rodloos thanks, didn't try that,got frustrated and quit.

lets see.

!st morning

collecting firewood

good fire and company dosn't get much better
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By makenmend
Built these so many more such trips can be done, they carried a load,

slow fishing but slimed my newly made 2 wht fun,

As mentioned hogs were busy, this one stayed. Good eating.
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By Hirsch
I have read of people dragging an equipment barge (boat) but that it first time I have seen pictures of anyone here doing it. Yes, I know its firewood this time. :)

Must be heap big white man fire!!! :lol:
By Fish Whisperer
[quote="Hirsch"]I have read of people dragging an equipment barge (boat) but that it first time I have seen pictures of anyone here doing it. Yes, I know its firewood this time. :)

I have heard that dragging any kind of extra boat for equipment is a nightmare. How did it work out for ya'll?

I am planning to do a similar trip later this month and it sure would be nice to pull another kayak/canoe behind us with extra gear.

Also, what did you do with your trash? Burn it?
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By makenmend
Fish Wisperer. We didn't drag the boat for the extra storage ability,it was just easier to collect wood using an empty boat,and that's what we did. The boat was then used as normal.

All trash that wasn't burnable was hauled back out to be disposed of correctly.

By RedRaider05

I am looking at doing a trip on the Brazos at the end of the month. I just got off the phone with Rochelles, They said some of the river is dry and they have had reports of people having to drag their boats. Did you run into this issue? If so, what was the longest you had to carry/drag your boat?
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By makenmend

water was difinitly lower than last year so yes some dragging was required through some of the riffles with one strech that was maybe 200 yds but nothing really bad. bearing in mind my boats only weight in the mid thirties empty and we carried enough to stay on the river 4 nites.

Hope that helps, and that you get some rain as well.

By tomberry
I just did the trip with my kids Monday and Tuesday of this week. I would estimate we (I) dragged for 3 out of the 20 miles. I have never seen it this low in 20+ years, and I floated it after the fires went through the area. I sure hope we get some rain soon.

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