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By Hirsch
You met my granddaughter Gabrielle (10) two weeks ago on her first camping tip. This weekend was her sister Savannah's (13) turn. She had a great time, ate well and met new friends. Both are ready to go again.


By Kayak Kid
Hirsch wrote:As soon as I think they are ready for a days paddle I would love a trip with 10 years plus kids and grand-kids.

Hirsch, you lay a hand (or paddle) on those lovely girls and you will have me to answer to. :twisted:

You are one lucky guy. I am trying to stay healthy enough to take my grandson camping/kayaking/fishing. He's only five now, but I'll do it even if someone has to push me in a wheel chair to the camping site.
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By Hirsch
I was lucky enough to have all 3 grandsons and 6 granddaughters together in 2011. They are scattered from here to Colorado to Germany. Fortunately my daughter's husband has just transferred back to Florence, Colorado with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Air Force has seen fit to reassign my oldest from Germany to The United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs in January. After that they all will be closer together than anytime in recent history. Maybe I will sample that trout fishing you talk about KK.

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By Gutter Girl
Wow - what an awesome photo of your grandkids!

I wonder if love of the outdoors is inherited?! While I suspect not, I know all my siblings loved/love camping and fishing and we all started young. I remember my mom telling stories about her washing my younger sister's cloth diapers up on the Two Heart. And my dad camped and fished up there when he was a young boy. He then took his own family there. Guess it's a matter of what you're exposed to!

Stay active and when the time is right, you'll have a grand time with the lot of them. We're definitely going to want the story and pictures on that trip!


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