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By makenmend
Recently finished my buddies boat, so this weekend was cristening/sliming time. As he works for a living and I don't,I took it up to DFW to deliver and spend some time on the Brazos,


Well that trip is in the bag, Got on the river saturday, paddled till early evening then set up camp on a nice breezy piont. Only one group of boy scouts that went ahead of us were seen, guess everyone thinks it's to hot for camping.In fact it really didn't feel to bad with the breeze,plus sleeping was good with the battery fan running and no flysheet required, I'm sure the adult beverages helped as well.

We left our camp set up there and ventured futher downsteam on sunday. my bud turtled his boat and caught fish from it so thats out of the way.The fishing was good to plenty of bass and sunfish attacking surface flies. Monday packed up in slow time paddled/pulled back upstream, went up to the dam, then back to take out early evening.

Another enjoyable trip in the memory book.Forgot my camera so no pics this time

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By makenmend
Paul absolutely, only visitors we had were a local couple in a john boat,who's folks lived there since 1850s, had some neat stories. a large contingent of hogs and a UFO. and thats the truth.

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