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By On the Guad
Made the trip with DNR and Swany from 973 to Little Web. Fishing on Saturday was great but Sunday the water changed and I guess the full moon had their lips locked down. Only managed a few fish for each of us on Sunday and we fished hard.


Saturday started out hot with a gentle breeze and as much as I wanted to use the fly rod the grass was too thick and matted in areas to toss it so the old reliable Pop-R was called upon. Swany was amazed that I could catch fish after fish on a topwater all day long.



DNR was unable to camp so we took our time getting to the island and fished hard the whole way there. I kept seeing explosions in the grass and paddled over to find the bass had a school of shad trapped and were tearing them up. I was able to catch four from the area before it stopped.

We reached the island around 7:45 and looked for an area by the bank to hang the hammocks close to the water. We found an area with a few trees but we also found four alligator slides. After talking it over it was unanimous that we would spend the night on higher ground in the trees in the woods.
After building a fire we hung up the hammocks and prepared for cooking the steaks.

After a late dinner it was time to hit the sack and look at the stars under the full moon. I had no worries about being disturbed as Ron's snoring would keep Bigfoot at a distance. :lol:
Loaded up the gear in the morning and proceeded to fish our way to the takeout. Few fish on this day but it's fun being able to spend time with great friends on the water.
Here are the rest of the pictures that I took.
http://texasflyfishingadventures.blogsp ... river.html
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By Hirsch
Looks like a great trip. Boy that grass seems to be coming on with a vengence. Thanks Robert.

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