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By t100
Launched around 9:30-10:00. Water was a little bit on the stained side, fishing was pretty good. John, Lynn and Paul had a relaxing paddle to the island while Robert and I fished just about every square inch of both banks. I fished mainly worms for most of the day. With a suggestion of changing up to top water, Robert and I slayed the bass. Mine were on the small side with a handfull being 15"+. Arrived at the island around 7ish. We shared the island with a boy scout group that was very tame. Enjoyed stories around the lantern as it was warm and the bugs seamed not to bother anyone.
Woke up around 7 or so, sausage and egg tacos for me. Got off the island for another full day of fishing. Top water was still on as well as the worm bite. Ended up catching more small bass, a few gar and a personal best cat fish.
All in all a great trip.
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By Hirsch
It was a great trip. Saturday T100 (Jason), Firefly49 (Lynne), MILRET (John), On The Guad (Robert) and I launched from FM 969. Robert and Jason fished hard on their way down while Lynne, John and I floated, visited, took a lot of photos and just generally relaxed only casting occassionally. The three of us hit the big island about 4:00 just beating a Pack of Boy Scouts to the prime spot. They checked with us and set up about 50' away. Never have I had such polite teens that near. They were I think all asleep 10 minutes after dark and were quiet at all times. John, Lynn and I set camp and made coffee continuing to relax. A quick consensus and it was agreed we would not have a fire. Robert and Jason pulled in about 7:30. John disappeared about 9:00 and the rest of us called it a night at 10:00.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before Robert and Jason packed up to go. Robert caught a really nice bass right there at camp as he left. The rest of us acted liked kids all day swimming, building a rock castle and paddling a little. It was just a fun day in good company.

Monday we ate and packed at a easy pace reluctant to leave. Finally we struck out about 10:30 and landed in Bastrop about 1:30. It was a great trip.



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By Firefly49
This was the christening for my new WS Commander in respect to an overnight river trip and I have nothing but positive remarks to make about this yak! Loved it!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to many more this summer (inlcuding a run down the REAL Colordao River while I'm in Moab, Utah in a couple weeks. Three days of rafting and then scheduled a rental kayak for a short (easy, lol) run just to say I did it, lol.)

One more photo that needs to be added in the spirit of this wonderful Memorial Day weekend to honor our military..

Colorado River Memorial Weekend 2012 043.JPG
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By Firefly49
No fancy food or even a campfire this trip (and it worked out fine). 'Course Paul was nice enough to share his yummy sausage from Green's (I really miss not living close enough for the regular trips to Zabcikville anymore!!) Might have been guilt after mentioning he'd stopped for kolaches on the way and ate them all :lol:
By Shredded_Wheat
Been looking forward to this trip report. Looks like everyone had a great time and the pics are awesome. On the Guad (Robert) how was the Big Tuna???? I hope to one day make a trip like this.
By rodloos
Sounds like a great trip! Glad you were even able to talk Firefly into going :).

I can't believe I haven't been camping or even on the water since the January freeze trip, been pretty busy. I guess you didn't have to worry about freezing on this trip though! :mrgreen:
By milret
No freezing on that trip Rodney. Instead we spent a lot of time sitting in the water building a river stone monument. The night temps were perfect!
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