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By drillerjake
Put in was at FM 969 and the take out was at the colorado river refuge (20 miles). Got a little rain on friday, but it passed and turned out to be perfect the rest of the weekend. Flow was good, water was a little low in places. There were 6 of us. Only 2 managed to take a spill. Both of them were on the downstream side of freeze trip island. Both of them not paying attention. My dad always says, "Only tie down what you want to keep." My response to him was always "its a flat water river." He would come back a say "ok, you will see." Our paddling group as now adopted "Only tie down what you want to keep" as our motto.
We did not catch any fish, but we were not fishing that hard either. Had some great steaks and lots of booze.
We used Lee Harle at Bastrop River Company (512-988-1154) to shuttle us. Great guy.
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Glad the trip went well and everybody had fun. It is beautiful out there right now.
"Only tie down what you want to keep." - I like that saying, and it is true.
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By drillerjake
It was a very nice trip. Had two guys that have never sat in a yak. They can't wait to go back. Our group is a bunch of buddies from high school. Now that we are all married and have kids, it gets harder to get together. Hopefully we can continue.

I really would like to meet up with the rest of you Colorado river pros to show me how to catch fish on the river. I grew up a saltwater man.
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