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By makenmend
Couple of long time friends and I had a great few days floating the Brazos from Possum Kingdom to Rochell's last week, put in wednesday morning.

getting boats loaded at put in.
Fishing was good from the get go, drum, smalmouth,black bass, white bass and brim

river was clear and good level,no draggin required, found nice elevated gravel bar and made camp a good hour before sunset
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By makenmend
2nd day only went 4 miles arriving at a large pool with another gravel bar that have served us well in the past, made an early camp and hot mesquite fire to grill some outstanding steaks, we did eat extremely well this trip . Fished the pool after dark for acouple of hours for the anticipated cats but they didn't want to play, did get a couple more drum
Stoked up the campfire, sat around with adult beverages and had a thoroughly enjoyable story telling time.

Perfect morning to cook breakfast, pack and get back on the river,the wind was forecast gusting to 30 mph and for a little while we had to paddle into it but with the river twisting as she does we lucked out with the wind either assisting us or we were relativly sheltered
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By makenmend
Day 3 weather radio called for possible severe weather on our last planned day (sunday) so we decided to paddled more and fish less, getting us in a position to reach the take out ahead of the front if required, again after a good breakfast.

ran across a herd off longhorns crossing the river at this shute we gave them right of way :!: Made camp 4 1/2 miles from take out, enjoyed another good meal,beverage and tall stories,
weather radio confirmed the front, so next morning after eating and packing we made a slow lazy paddle/fish to Rochell's and got off the river in plenty of time to aviod the front.

A great trip with great company, til the next one.

By TheShine
Great post! I am doing the same trip getting on the water Friday and taking out on Sunday, will post up when I return. Hoping for good weather as the current forecast is calling for some rain on Friday with the rest of the weekend being clear and sunny. Mind sharing what you used for bait and what worked/didn't work fishing wise?

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By makenmend
Roo thank you, and yes I do build them. Now have 2 new converts to this life stlye with there new boats, so more trips to plan/do :D

Ron wasn't your trip a little windy'er than mine :roll: always have enjoyed that strech with enough time to slow down and take it all in.

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By makenmend
John thats what retirement is all about, so when you decide that work is a four letter word and your ready to enjoy the good life, yell.

TIA I flyfished pretty much all the time and a tan wooly bugger worked well, small rooster tails did catch the most fish. Enjoy your trip.

I'm headed for a boat show in Franklin Louisiana this weekend then Canyon lake the following weekend. Have to get ready for the TKF boatbuilders gettogether here on Inks lake May the 12th
a busy /fun time of year.

By pick713
Thanks for the trip report and pictures. 3 friends an I will be doing the exact same float May 4-5 and I will try to take lots of pictures to show everyone. I am desperately looking forward to having a few days on the river to float and relax.

We plan to go 12 miles or so the first day and finish the second. I wish that we could extend it to three days, but I don't think the wife/warden (love her to death) would go for it. It has been a long busy spring and she is ready to spend some time together.
By rodloos
Looks like a great trip John. Thanks for posting up the pictures.

Going to be a looooong time before I can retire, so I'm going to have to use some vacation time to get on the river sometime. That looks like a pretty stretch of river.
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By Hirsch
It is pretty Rod and in your back yard. First time I did it I left Fort Worth on Saturday morning, ran it and was home Sunday night. It is an easy three day trip meaning you only need a Friday or Monday!
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By makenmend

We kept a weather eye out for that, but didn't see any real change. Boats were pulled pretty high up and tied off even higher in case, 8' would have seen us scrambling :!:

Hope your shoulder is improving, when I had the rotator cuff problem back in 2007 I got me the Hobie with the mirage drive, only plastic boat I have now. Kept me on the water.

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By makenmend
Rodney I'm suprised you havn't done that part of the Brazos yet, as Paul said its almost in your back yard. they do have a couple of alternatives as well for example the 10 miles down from there HQ is a great one nighter with good fishing to boot.

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By bowgarguide
They opened the dam so there was no warning.
I was lucky and heard the water change sound .we had set up camp and it was a mad scramble.
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