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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

By Mojo227
Probally gonna campout at my usual spot at Coon Creek down past Whitney Dam. Will be targeting some blues and anything else I can get to bite a hook.It looks like its gonna be pretty cold but dry. Open invite if anyone wants to come along. Will be leaving out early Sat and returning Sun early afternoon.
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By Hirsch
That sounds like a good trip and I might join you normally. However, I have obligations to do an early Christmas with grandkids before I fly out on Christmas vacation next week. Please ask again and I will try to make it. :D
By wisehybred
Are they letting water out? I know nothing about this area, but looking a google maps seems like you would be pulling the yak a bunch. Send me some details on the trip, sounds fun.
By Mojo227
They have been releasing daily but it is getting less and less. Not to much dragging. Infact the past several times I have been down there(every weekend trip for me) it seemed they were keeping the level a little higher. Always great fishing and the burn ban is now lifted!
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By fishgutz
Sounds like fun!! But, I don't have a tent, waders, cold weather gear for the water, or enough experience. I'm working on it. If I could wear shorts and fish with mullet or live shrimp I would be OK :mrgreen: Let me know when you go on a shorter (warmer) trip 8)
By Mojo227
The fishing turned out ok. Ended up with 3 nice channels,2 blues,lots of bass, and a big longnose gar. The weather was really decent all day. Very little wind and warmer then I thought it would be. Did however manage to find a leak or two in my waders. Also so nice to finally be able to brew up a pot of coffee on a nice warm campfire again.
Anice place to camp!
The Good Life!
Fish Fry?
By milret
larry long shadows wrote:
Mojo227 wrote:Yep,me,myself and I.

I could really use one of those one day....

I know the feeling. Makes me want to sit on a Mountain top and just Chant. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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