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By Hirsch
Saturday morning 12 folks gathered up for the first formal trip of the Colorado River Dogs, which I think may be the largest group from TFK to ever make a river trip. Some were veterans who have run sections of the river together including DNR, Guad, MRover, Larry Longshadow, and myself. Also Yaktipper has made trips with DNR and I, but never met the others. New this trip was MRover's girlfriend Megan and his son, Tyler. Also coming out of the DFW are was M.Saxatalis, BOP Gunner, and his brother Mike. Last but not least was T100. Ages ranged from 13 to 63.

We left the bridge at FM 969 starting about 9:30 and staggered over about an hour and half with every body gathering up for lunch about noon.Meals were devoured standing or sitting in the river enjoying the 78 degree water. I think this is a first, but to the best of my knowledge everyone caught bass with gear from bait cast, spincast, spinning and fly tackle with lures just as varied. That afternoon included multiple swimming/cooling stops with people arriving at the island to camp from about 4:30 to the hard core fishermen close to 7:00. Camping were quickly set and a variety of meals prepared. From a sausage Potatoes O'Brian to freeze dried and MRE's. Lacking a fire a soft LED lantern was set that allowed a circle to sit and visit until about 10:00. From reports all slept well and got moving about 7:00 AM. Breakfast were eaten with visits continuing with no rush to depart. About 9:30 we got off.

Fishing was a bit less serious this morning with more swim time, a long lunch and lading to disembark about 3:30 this afternoon. It seemed all agreed we could have not have wish for a more diverse group in which all agreed were enjoyable and melded well.



Probably the best trip yet! Had a super time with some great folks........Wish I had pics to add but my camera was claimed by the mighty Colorado.....Time for a new one. Ready to go again, the weathers getting right and the waters going to drop soon :D
CamoBassProwler13 wrote:I wish my hooligan 2 would've been there too but it looks like it was a great trip nonetheless! Glad everyone had a good time and hopefully made it back safely. Where's the fish pics though? 8)

The fishing was tough this time, I dont think this stretch has the quantity or quality as the stretch you did with us......Great fun anyway :D
A great trip it was.

t100 wrote:Wow what a great trip! I had a blast meeting all of y'all. What can I say, I'm hooked!! :lol:

:lol: :lol: I've got a story to tell on that. Learned a very important lesson.

I'll put up my report/photos after work.
It was easy to sleep in...LATE
It was easy to overpack...As usual,
It was easy to drive through the freeways of Texas...as expected.

Landing my first Colorado River LMB on a bait never tried before...AWSOME :D
Putting names to faces, enjoying the company of strangers sharing a common interest...simply unforgetable.
Swapping lies around a non-campfire!!...Priceless
This is what makes packing up for the long drive home...so difficult.

Sitting at my desk...gear packed,
Images of deep green grassbeds waving in the shallow clear river current...flow through my thoughts,
The leaves of tall aged cottonwoods, elegantly bowing over the water, rustlling in gentle breezes...still echoing in my head,
Clear blue sky, rich green woods, the total focus and "zen" of the hunt,
Laughter, comradery forged on "sweet river days," will insure my return time again.

Thanks Paul for starting that "single post" that lead me to this treasure. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and shareing this unique adventure with all who attended.

Proud to be a "Colorado River Dawg"

I had a wonderful time! We arrived to find a group of canoe racers getting ready to start, so we got in ahead of them. Saw a raccoon cleaning his lunch by the bank. He didn't see me at first, so I was able to get a good pic of him. Saw a water snake on the water, which didn't bother me, but the big black water snake by the "ladie's tree" really startled me, as did a big spotted gar that jumped right by my canoe. The island we stayed on really changed a lot since my 2nd trip (this was my 4th) and there was a lot more greenery. Sitting around the "campfire", which was hirshunter's lantern on a cooler, was a lot of fun, and I really got to know some of the others a lot better. I was especially happy to meet Megan, and have another girl on the trip. We really hit it off!

I caught a 15-1/2 inch bass the first day, and another one about 12 inches. I was very happy and proud. The second day, I got hung up on some elephant ears that were in some fast water, and true to my nickname, yep, I tipped and took a swim. Oh well, DNR said if I hadn't I would have to change my nickname, and he liked it.

We saw some blue herons, cows, horses, and even what seemed to be a small eagle. I had a great time!



MROVER wrote:
CamoBassProwler13 wrote:I wish my hooligan 2 would've been there too but it looks like it was a great trip nonetheless! Glad everyone had a good time and hopefully made it back safely. Where's the fish pics though? 8)

The fishing was tough this time, I dont think this stretch has the quantity or quality as the stretch you did with us......Great fun anyway :D

That's alright i'm sure it was a whole lot better than sitting at home pinching pennies :lol: I wanted to be a river dog too 8) Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one! and next time will be a whole new ball game since I have a good idea on tackle and gear!
Hope next time you can join us. My two canoes would love a third along! :lol:

I would love to see all who made this one go again and the rest of you can next time. :D

Dogpaddlin wrote:Looks like a great time was had by all! :clap: :clap: :clap:
I'm not even surprised anymore about how you can post an invite and people come from all across the state, most having never met, and get along so well and have so much fun.
That was definitely the case this time too.

I'm going to get my embarrassing story out of the way at the start here.
t100 wrote:What can I say, I'm hooked!! :lol:

Try to keep this short - at the first rest spot of the morning as we're getting ready to leave I was over by the bank messing with my fly rod (what MROVER calls the "contraption of death")
watching my "technique". As I swing the rod back, with my inexperience, about 30 feet of line comes shooting out. It's only natural to swing it forward. Then I fell something and hear AAAWWW. I look around and T100 is holding his face. I get over there quick. OH #@&%*$%, I've hooked him right on the bridge of his nose. It was deep. I'm freaking out. I always mash or break off the barb on the hook. Luckly he was able to pull it right out. It could have been much more serious.
Really sorry Jason. He was gracious about it luckily.

As most of the details have been told, I'll do my usual photo story.

Getting ready-

These guys were moving some water -

I went fly only and had some decent luck the first day.
Guad hybrid-



First cat on the fly rod. About 30 min. latter I catch another around 6-7 pounds. He didn't want his picture taken and flipped off as I was messing around with him at the boat. Wicked fight though.

Lots of plastic-

Mostly ranches along the way-




You did see an eagle Linda, I yelled but was to far away for anybody to hear-

The fun's over -

Really enjoyed seeing everybody, new and old.
And we'll do it again.

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