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Okay finally had a chance to sit down and write this up.... Never posted a trip report before so bear with me :lol:

Day 1- We launched at the 973 bridge outside of Bastrop and It was a great place to get under way I haven't seen water that green in a long time! (picture below) The water was unusually high and the current was moving faster than normal since they were releasing water from a damn further north of the river ( not sure which one) DNR and Mrover start catching fish pretty quick since this was indeed their backyard they knew it better than any of the rest of us! (pictures below) We made a couple of rest stops so that we wouldn't be at the island too soon and have to be stuck on those hot rocks until the sun went down. (pics below) Everyone was getting a bite or two and landing fish here and there until finally it came down to me being the only one still with that black and white coat on and finally after a backlash i got undone I lifted it and the fish popped it while it was bouncing in the current. Kind of a cheap way to get it but at that point I took what I could get. I did land another one a little better sized later in the day but I'll have to get the pic later when it's posted on here. Everyone caught a few fish and we still ended up getting to the island a little too early just find out there was someone already there. Luckily it was a couple of guys we met earlier and they didn't mind sharing the island with us so we rested for a little bit and then set up camp and started cooking dinner. (pics below)

Day 2- was a hot one, even hotter than the day before. It could've been partly because we all already got burnt and then taking down the tents and camp always sucks when you know you're going home. Mrover caught three bass standing on the bank before we even got back in the boats and I hooked one that showed me his mouth and back and then his backside as he spit the hook. When camp was torn down and everyone was ready we all hit the water and started on our way back. It was a rough day fising wise and I think we all broke off more lures than we caught fish. Even the pros didn't catch as many as they did the day before. We did find a cool little place off of the river to go into since the water was up but no fish were caught in there that I saw. after a quick cool down in the river we started back and passed little webberville park to the takeout at DNR's house who was nice enough to let us park there and take out. I want to say thanks again to DNR and Mrover for showing us newbies around on their home turf that they are very lucky to have in their own backyard. I think I speak for everybody when I say we had a great time and can't wait for the next trip!
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I missed a great trip. Man has that campsite changed from last year. Then you had to climb a 4' bank. Looks like even the high spots are down 2 feet.

Three nights and no skunk or further sightings. I am about to declare it transient and seal the crawl space.
MROVER wrote:Nice report Mini! Thanks. Really enjoyed fishing and hanging out with you guys, would do it again in a heartbeat!! Load up on Rattlesnakes and jigs and come on back, We,ll do it again.........Mike :D

likewise, and I bought two packages of the color yall were using and two bags of another one that should well in many different waters! I also had to buy some stuff for the E Matty trip this weekend so I couldn't load up on the jigs just yet! And definitely a hiker for next time too so i can leave that 50 lb cooler at the house!
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Very nice write-up and photos Mini-x-man.
Texan4ut, you got some great shots too. That camera takes some good pictures.

As said the fishing was a little tough, always is at this time of the year. The LCRA is flowing lots of water down to cities and farmers below. There are baitfish everywhere so the fish don't have to work very hard to eat. Still, it's beautiful out there and cool water to relax in.

Here's a few of my shots -

Thankfully we had some clouds to hide the sun

The gang kicking back a little

Mini-X with a fish

I got a decent one

Like Hirschhunter said, this island had a high bank for a long time. The tropical storm last summer changed that when the water came up 18 feet. Unfortunately the beach is getting smaller and smaller.

A Guad x Smallmouth with cool markings

Guys, I had a blast. Really enjoyed meeting and seeing everybody again.
It was a great crowd.
And we shall do it again.
I didn't realize how low in the water I was. The bottom of the Ocean Kayak on the side was under water. No wonder I had a tougher time paddling than normal. Like Mini-X said Hiker water filter less water to carry less weight.
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