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By dhays
Well, because of the rain we got Friday, and the forecast for more rain and storms, we did not take our 30 mile trip on the Red. We put in where we were going to take out, and paddled upstream about a mile, and camped on a sand bar. We had 5 or 6 going, but ended up only 3 of us. We put in at a feeder creek and paddled out and into the river. The water was coming up pretty fast, but the paddling was not too hard. We probably could have made the long trip easily with the current, but decided to err on the side of caution. We did some cooking, some paddling, and a lot of fishing. Ended up with a good mess of catfish. We also caught several carp and drum. Gar were everywhere. I wish I had brought my bowfishing bow. My nucanoe did very well, but I still want to take it on a long trip. I think it will do a long paddling trip, despite the skeptics that say a kayak that wide wont paddle well. It is not a racing boat, but I have not had any trouble paddling it. It will definitely carry lots of gear. We had a great time and can't wait to get on the water again.
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By dhays
Quite a few people paddle the section just above and below lake Texoma, but very few paddle this section in Lamar, Red River, and Bowie counties. It is a shame because this section generally has better water flow and is beautiful. The only major problem is you have to paddle 30 mile sections for public take out places. I know of people that have gone from 271 north of Paris, all the way to Shreveport La. A lot of people say, there are whirl pools and quicksand on the Red River, it is dangerous. Yes during heavy rain there are dangers of whirlpools and trees floating down river. Don't get on the river at these times. Yes, if you hunt hard enough you can find quicksand, but it is not like on Tarzan movies where you go completely out of site. It is just soft wet sand that sinks slowly, and you can get out. Use common sense and this river is as safe as any, and a truly overlooked jewel in N.E. Texas and S.E. Oklahoma.
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By yakinthebox
I actually just found this on a search because I have been curious for a long time why I have never seen a report from the Red River. Looks like a fun river with good fishing!
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