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By fisher of people
Short camping trip this spring, too much on my plate for much of a getaway right now. Put in the afternoon of Monday, April 25 at Little Webberville Park, took out early afternoon on Wednesday at the 969 crossing. A very leisurely paddle, with lots of time to lounge around camp and read. Camped out night one on the large island near Big Webberville Park, the second night at the smaller island next to the Lost Pines Resort. The water was beautiful, still pretty cool, which was nice given the above average temps. Was very windy much of the trip, which made paddling a chore at times. Didn't do a whole lot of fishing (Floyd still gets antsy when I start casting), but must admit that I caught not a single fish in three days. Hooked one on a beetlespin, but that was all. Maybe DNR or someone can offer some hints about fishing this area. I was mostly fishing while the water was on the fall, I would imagine it is better when the flow is rising. Other than the beetlespin I threw cranks, jigs, and roadrunners. Anyways, it was a pretty great trip, I just wish I could have stayed out longer. Attached are a few photos. Love this stretch of river, wish I could get out on it more often.
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By uplandrun
good trip, I spent five days on the pecos last summer, can't beat a few days on the river to make things look a little clearer.Thanks for the post.
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By fisher of people
Kayak Nomad 2 wrote:Howdy! That's a nice looking canoe.What model Wenonah is it? I have been wanting a solo canoe for some time now. Do you like it? Thanks!

It's a vagabond, and I love it for what it is designed for, which is mostly flatwater recreational paddling, nothing above a class 1 rapid. I bought it out in east Texas, and it was perfect for the lakes and rivers out there, but I have also taken it on the San Marcos, Llano, etc. This is a very stable boat, for a solo canoe, lots of primary stability. The fact that I can take a 70 pound dog out on three and four day camping trips says a lot about it's stability and capacity. The other thing I love about it is its weight, only 43 pounds. I find it more comfortable than my tarpon, and easier to keep my fishing stuff handy, since I can keep everything at my feet. The biggest drawback to this boat, in my opinion, is that it is much more affected by wind than a typical kayak, since it is light, long (14.5 feet) and has a high profile, compared to a kayak. Anyways, it is a great boat. Now that I'm mostly paddling hill country rivers, I'd probably rather have an Argosy, or something with a little more rocker and maneuverability. But for a good, stable, all around solo canoe whose primary use is as a fishing platform, the vagabond is hard to beat.
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Great trip. Ol' Floyd's gotten big.
That is a really cool section of river. Nice to do it at a leisurely pace.
Yea, the fishing can be tough with no flow and low water. Lots of shallow areas. Beatle Spin or small plastic worms would be what I'd use.

You should try and make the June 4th trip.

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