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By Hirsch
DNR and I put together a last minute trip to replace the cancelled Neches trip on the Colorado.

Dave (DNR), Linda (a neophyte) and I launched after the storms finished blowing through Monday afternoon at Little Webberville Park on the Colorado River. Our plan was to take three nights covering 35 miles and come out on Thursday in Bastrop. David was in his Kayak, Linda was using my new Old Town Discovery 119 canoe in its maiden voyage and the Old Town PACK Canoe. The canoes are of a class known as "solo canoes) and 12' in length.

We covered about five miles that afternoon fishing a bit without success. Pulling in to our first island camp about 5:00 we set camp and relaxed around the fire a bit after dinner just recapping the day and trips Dave and I had done in the past. Waking the next morning we had breakfast of hot tea, oatmeal and dried fruit before getting packed and heading down stream. Not long after that we saw a bald eagle perched high on a limb on the left bank. Dave and Linda got started fishing and before the day was over they both had a few to their credit; a few largemouth and mostly smallmouth/Guadalupe hybrids. I admit I cast a bit but mostly relaxed enjoying the view and wildlife. Before the trip was over we were to see the eagle, several cara cara, numerous kildee and sandpipers, cardinals, blackbirds and hundreds of ducks including wood duck, mallard and scaup. Turkeys serenaded us in the mornings and coyotes at night. That day we covered about 12 miles and Linda had run her first small rapids and fished successfully for the first time with artificial lures. Pulling into the second island that night were were a happy and tired trio. Setting camp that evening we decided to forgo a fire settling for dinner, a few minutes of chatting and heading to bed.

Waking up the next morning and crawling out about 7:30 with 9 hours of sleep we again had breakfast packed and got back on the river. Linda and Dave fished a bit keeping about even in the count. Again I cast a little, but mostly played observer. Again we saw hundreds of birds to include cara cara, ducks, kildee and sandpipers. Blackberry blossoms lined the banks in places. Tree everywhere showed the first green buds of spring. Lunch was cashews, trail mix, dried apricots, and dried sausage eaten quickly on the bank. That afternoon (day 3) we met we met our first boats on the water. A family group of twelve in six tandem boats who would discover before the day was over they had bit of more than they knew. Shortly after we passed three fishermen/campers in kayaks who ended up being friends from previous trip. It was Saffra, his son Cody and future son-in-law Scott. Passing them we headed on down the island of our third nights camp. Saffra and his crew joined us a little later and we shared the evening together. About 6:00 O clock the family group passed us and were most disconcerted to learn they still had 6 miles to go. We talked late around the fire that evening catching up on what each had been up to and talked politics.

Rising a bit later the last morning and knowing we only had 6 miles left we lingered over breakfast and getting packed. After a few stronger rapids at the start the river settled down to flat water and we faced strong south winds. They were a mixed blessing making paddling a real exercise while providing cooling breezes. We passed more homes in this stretch and chatted with the locals as we went. Snacking as we went for lunch we landed at the city park in Bastrop about 2:00 and were soon on our ways home from a fine trip and enjoyable adventure
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By Hirsch
They are the hooligan 2s viewed from the side. The same as I used on the Brazos last year without the fly as a mesh tent. I think MILRET used his with the cover on that trip.
bowgarguide wrote:Paul
What kind of tents are the two in the pick.
PS great trip and post
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By saffra
Paul, it was a pleasure to finally get to paddle with you, and it was great seeing Dave again, as well as meeting Linda. I was extremely impressed with the performance of those canoes, and after having the opportunity to paddle your Pack canoe, I see why you're so happy with it. :D Cody, Scott, and I had a wonderful time on our overnighter, and really enjoyed spending the evening on the island with y'all.

Most of all, I was really impressed with how fresh y'all seemed to be paddling after already being out there for 3 days :clap:
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By Hirsch
Thanks everyone. Hopefully Dave will have more pictures with comments next week when he gets back to a computer. I am sure there will be more trips soon. :D
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By texan4ut
Wish I would have known about it I would have joined you if you wanted. I am wanting to do that trip or the shorter one from 969 to Fishermans Park in Bastrop. Just don't want to tackle it solo. Looks like fun. Maybe we could plan another.
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