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Me, CRL, On the Guad and SWANY camped the section of the Colorado from Hwy183 bridge in Austin to the FM973 bridge, a 10 mile trip.
The weather forcast called for cool temperatures and from 30-50% chance of rain Sat. night and Sun.
Luckily the rain never happened and it really wasn't that cool, even at night.
Beautiful fall weather Sat.

It did end up being post cold front kind of weather that the fish don't really like.
I would say that the fishing wasn't that great and I was kind of disappointed, but when you tally it up - SWANY was catching fish left and right on the magic worm, both On the Guad and CRL had a fish in the 5# class, lots of 3# fish were caught and my biggest was 18".
Maybe not such bad fishing. :lol:
I might have caught more fish if I'd switched to the T-Rig like everybody told me, but I'm a "jig head" and kept :horse:
Until I put a worm on my jig. :wink:

Ready to go -

The river is wider in the beginning of the trip than some sections of the river. Good largemouth territory. I caught a nice 18"er that jump off the ruler as I was reaching for the camera. :?
On the Guad had a 5#er on one of his first cast.


Hydrilla starting to take hold. I hope winter knocks it back, we don't need that stuff messing up the river. Good bass habitat though.

I didn't get that many fish photos, we were spread out a lot of the time, here's a few of mine.
Ya'll post up yours.
A decent LMB-

The Colorado is full of the Guad/SM hybrids, here's two.
Mostly SM genes-

More Guad genes-

The river was flowing more than usual, so we got to camp with some time to get camp setup, get a fire going and get dinner started before dark.
This was CLRs first river camp, but wouldn't have known it.
Home sweet home-

Got to have the food shot-

And the fire shot-

Had a weird thing happen.
We got ready for bed around 9pm and as soon as we were in the tents and layed down good, we heard these big splashes in the river. First a ways down river, then closer and closer.
We'd been talking about hogs during the night and I was starting to get curious. Then one splash was right by our island.
Sounded like someone throwing hugh rocks in the water.
I yelled out "what the hell is that"?!
On the Guad was wondering too.
I had to come out of the tent. I shined my flashlight out across the river and could see these big splashes with water coming up a couple of feet.
No animals swimming, and it couldn't be people throwing rocks that big.
Just these huge splashes.
We figured it must be carp jumping.
Still kind of a mystery though.

We got up the next morning and ate breakfast and broke camp and hit the river.
The water had dropped quite a bit during the night and we had a thick layer of clouds.
Felt like Fall.


The fish were stacked up in big cover, if you caught one you were going catch quite a few from the same spot. Lots of fish caught.
We made our way 2.5 miles to the take out.

Guys, it was a cool trip.
Really enjoyed meeting you CLR and SWANY.
Always good to see you On the Guad.
Thanks for coming out everybody.
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Dave, you put together a great trip, thanks and it was real nice meeting you and CLR, on the guad and I have been friends for a vaery long time and this was my first trip out Kayaking with him, glad he invited me. Here are some more pics to share with all.......

Aggroman wrote:
SWANY wrote:more pics.......I know, I know, over kill on the pics but I just couldnt help myself...... :D

NEVER!!!! You can never have too many. Keep 'em coming. :D

2x and a amen ... I like the Float / Fish / Fire / Food / and Friendship..shots
To those that couldn't make the trip. Hope you can next time cause man did you miss out on some good fishing. I caught bass on jigs, worms and a pop-r with the texas rig working the best.
We fished some trees side by side and pulled out 10-12 fish on each one until the well went dry. I caught more fish in half a day Sunday than I did on Saturday due to the weather conditions of the front. I managed to catch a nice 5lb bass on a jig on my second cast of the day and I continued to catch 2-3 lb bass the rest of the trip.
It was good to see that Dave was the bravest of the group when it came to checking out the commotion in the water late at night. I don't know if it was bravery or the fact that his tent was closest to the noises. I did provide backup just in case.

It was great meeting Chris and spending time with Dave and even more fun hanging out with Ron as we don't get to go fishing together as much as we used to since he moved.

Enjoy some more pics.
CR2.jpg (4.45 KiB) Viewed 4344 times

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CR4.jpg (2.83 KiB) Viewed 4344 times

Ron and a nice bassw
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Hey all, I know I'm new to all this and if this is already covered, pardon my redundancy, BUT.....is there a thread or a sticky that we can post, to offer or ask for help on assistance with shuttle help. It would seem that if a group was fishing/camping a specific river and the need to have all participants on the trip vehicles at the take out point to make life easier after a long river run, someone local that is not on the trip could help out and offer some shuttle service or even safe parking assistance, we could even offer payment for gas, I know this would help us all, I experienced this on this trip and Dave had a good friend that helped us out and this was VERY apprieciated. It's not a perfect solution but I would be willing to help out people that wanted to kayak the San Jacinto above lake houston if I were available because I live close by. I would suggest the post include phone numbers or email address' as some may not check TKF daily. Just a thought, PLEASE chime in if this has been tried and failed.......
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I'm surprised this has'nt been asked, of the 4 that were on this trip, one lives close to Canyon lake, One in Austin, One in Conroe and myself in NE Houston.....I think it could work without too much inconvenience
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