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By On the Guad
Spent five days at The High Lonesome Ranch in DeBeque Colorado.
The accomidations for five days

Some of the scenery


This would be the first time for me to fly fish. I got the hang of it enought to get a grandslam which consisted of a Rainbow,Brook,Brown and Cutthroat all caught in the same day. I was the 12th person to get it this year in over 27,000 hours of fishing on the ranch.
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By On the Guad
Here is the Brook, I caught bigger ones during the day but this was the only picture that I took of this fish

Here is the pin that I was presented with

And the poster for the wall
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By Weird1
Congrats on the slam. I see you finally received the top fisherman award from Daves Colorado trip. Glad they were able to track you down. Well done, now when are we gonna hit the guad?
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Very cool, Robert.
A quick flyfishing lesson and your catching a slam.
Are you throwing the baitcasters away now. :lol:

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