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I'm planning on doing a camp on the San Marcos River the weekend of the 17th -19th.

Here's my plan-
Sat. morning start in town and run down to Spencer's / Shady Grove campground. It's about 10 miles and really more of a paddle trip than a fishing run.
It'll have several class 2 rapids and 3 portages (1 falls and 2 big dams).
Always a chance to flip the boat, but the water is cool and it'll probably be in the 90's so no big deal.
I think I'll take the SINK and no rod for this run.

Camp at Shady Grove that night (though I've called them and they haven't goten back to me yet).

Then Sun morning run from Shady Grove down 6 miles to FM1979 as a fishing trip.

The SMR is a really unique river if you've never been on it.
I'm wanting to do somthing different and it'll be cool trip.

Kind of short notice, but I've got to go when I can and that weekend I can. :D

I know a few of the usuals are wanting to go, anybody else?
How about some of the San Marcos Gang?
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I reserved a camp spot.
I got the big one so we have room for some more people.

Glad your making it saffra.
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Good to hear Weird1, I was hoping you'd make it.

Pat at Shady Grove wanted me to be sure and remind the group of the campground rules.

This is San Marcos, where it is customary to back your Jeep into the river, crank up the jams full blast and break out the beer bong.

You hear that Paul, no getting drunk and running through the camp ground naked this time. :lol: :lol:

This is going to be a fun trip.
By Iamdamoder
Good luck guys, wish we could make it.

On them there rules, They are pretty much the things that nice people do when they are camping. If you want to see a sweet lil old lady turn into 86 pounds of fire breathing dragon just mess up the bath house. She has never had to tell us how to act but I have seen her fired up. That is what makes the place for us.

My buddy pulled a 6#14oz LMB from around Don's Fish Camp a few weeks ago, so you guys should take yur rods on the upper run too.

Give Pat a hug for us,
Doug & Michelle
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I remember your report on that big fish Iamdamoder.
About 5 minutes after I posted that I though - no pole, yea right. :lol:

And you've got to have rules for the stupid people.

Is everybody going to camp Fri. ?
I reserved the spot starting Fri.
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By Weird1
Where are you camping each night, and what are the fees shuttle and camping. Forgive me if you already posted it I skimmed the thread and didnt see it.
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By Hirsch
Weird, we will camp both nights at the Shady Grove Campground and day trip from there self shuttling. David, I plan to try to be there by about 8:00 PM on Friday.
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By Hirsch
Life changes on a dime. I am unlikely to make this trip. My ex-wifes husband was killed in a motorcycle accident this morning. I have a son I have not seen in almost 2 years coming in from Germany and a daughter I have not seen in over a year coming in from West Virginia. I will likely be visiting with them this weekend. I will let you know as soon as possible Dave.

I hope to see everyone at Stubblefield in October.
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Sorry to hear that Paul.

As Paul said, we'll use the campground as home base.
I got the big camp back in the trees, it's also right by the water.
Camp fees are $5 per person per day (can't beat that).

I think we'll be able to shuttle ourselves. Mt buddy will have a 4 door Jeep that we'll leave at camp and when we get back on Sat. He'll run us back up to the put in. It's not far.

I'll put up some more details tomorrow. (this little net book thing is a pain to type on)
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Post subject: Re: San Marcos River Camp

Thought I'd pass this along.

http://www.paddle24seven.com/index.php? ... 5&id=10574

Looks like one of the racers cut his hand wide open on something sharp under the bridge.

Wow, that sucks.
I've got that bridge on my GPS so when we come to it I'll remind everybody and look for the pink X.
Keep your hands in the boat.

Me and my gang, 3 of us, will get to the campground between 3-5pm Friday, maybe sooner.
It's campsite #1.

Let me know who's all coming, need to make sure of the shuttle.
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By saffra
Paul, I'm sorry to hear about your loss....y'all will surely be in our prayers.....can't wait to see y'all again......Cody has a football game Friday night in San Marcos, so Lea Ann and I will join you Saturday morning......I think we're gonna camp with y'all Saturday night, but if it's not nice and cool, you'll most likely find me by myself Sunday morning(Lea Ann loves her A.C.)....looking forward to seeing y'all............where ya at, Firefly??? :mrgreen:

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By Weird1
well I have overloaded my schedule and will not be able to make this trip. I hope everyone has a great time I know yall will.
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Weird1 - we'll hook up for the next one, I was looking forward to some Devils River stories though.

saffra - I'll PM you my phone# and sent me yours.

We've got plenty room in camp still if anybody is interested.
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By Hirsch
Man, I wish I couild go. With the boy it may be 2 more years before I see him again. It has been over a year with the daughter and with them being transferred it may be another year or more before I see her again.
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By fisher of people
I might be able to come on Saturday, as it turns out, just for the day. Would you have room for one more with the shuttle? If not, I could arrange with Shady Grove. How fast are you planning on doing this paddle, ie, how much time for fishing?
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By fisher of people
Hopefully DNR will post up a more complete report, but I'll give a little advance report. I met up with him, Ed, and Jason on Saturday for the float from San Marcos back to Shady Grove, and had a fantastic time. Couldn't ask for better paddling companions. We all took at least one dunking, got even further soaked by an afternoon storm, patched a leak with duct tape, and just had an all around fantastic day. Didn't do much fishing, but managed a few, including one of the larger sunfish I've ever caught. I haven't been on that river in at least 6 years, I'd forgotten how magical it is. But next time I think I'll paddle something more appropriate for rapids than my rec canoe. Thanks to DNR for organizing this. I look forward to seeing photos of all the hogs I'm sure he caught today with Iamdamoder!
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We had a blast!
It was great meeting you fisher of people.
Very cool guy.

I'll put up a little report and some Pics Wednesday.
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Well, hogs weren't in the cards.
Actually we got up Sunday morning with a half inch of rain in the Jeep (Ed took the hardtop off Fri when we left), one boat with a hole in it and we were just a little sore.
Sorry Iamdamoder. :oops:

But, we had a blast Sat.
I was a little bored of the flat water so I figured the SMR would take care of that.
It did not disappoint.
It was flowing the way I remembered it (the last few years it's been pretty low).
As fisher of people said we each got to do a little swimming along the way.

The photos tell the story.

Cape Falls-

The gang-


What are doing out of your boat Jay

Coming up to Cummins Dam, an old cotton gin I belive-

Don't run it-



fisher of people with a huge bream, about 11"-

We got a little rain on the way down - cotton seed rapid

Martindale Dam, the racers will run this dam, not me though-

7 hours latter we got back to camp.

Shady Grove campground is a really nice place run by really nice people.
I've been camping here since I was a kid.

Dave, it was great meeting you.
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By fisher of people
Fantastic pictures, thanks for the great report! It was, as I mentioned before, a fabulous expedition. It was a real pleasure meeting you, Dave, and I look forward to joining you on your home waters one day.

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