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By PlanoDano
I visited the sawtooth range in central Idaho over the last two weeks. The weather above 7000 ft was great with the temperatures from the high 30s/low 40s in the mornings to the high 70s in the afternoon. All in all a very fun an scenic trip.
mountain view at Pettit lake


best pictures are made early in the morning
By PlanoDano
We took our time traveling and took the scenic routes whenever we could. Here are some snapshots from teh scenic byways in Colorado.
Between Fort Collins and Walden Colorado


Colorado Antelope
By PlanoDano
Thanks for all the kind comments.

dhays wrote
Don't you wish you had a yak with you.

I did debate carrying my yak or wtv with me but decided against it. There is lots of floatable whitewater in this range. The Snake, Salmon, Payette and Boise rivers all flow in or near the Sawtooth Recreation Area. Some sections of these rivers require permits to float. Inflatable rafts seems to be the preferred water craft on these rivers.
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By Earl
Great looking sceney. Looks like you had a cool and releaxing trip. What part of colorado were you in?

I just got back from the Lake City, Ouray, Silverton area. We climbed another 14 teener, rafted and kayaked the Taylor and Gunnison rivers. I should have my reports up sometime next week. They really missed me at work and am up to my arm pits in alligators here. To bad it has to be that way sometimes.

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By Cruisin_Cuda
That's definitely desktop material right there! Amazing photos, I'll never forget my summer trip to Colorado a few years back when we had the water rationing and the temps were about the same 30-40's in the am and 60-70s in the pm! we were running around in our underwear and people looked at us like we were nuts, so we just told them we are from Texas and then they understood!
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