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By Weird1
Sitting at Rebecca creek rd waiting on the shuttle and figured I'd post a teaser from the phone. 2 days 1 night lots of fun cops showed up once.....
Full report with pics to follow.
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By Weird1
Sorry for the long wait, and I hope the report was worth the wait here goes. Believe it or not living 25 odd miles from 3351 and the Guad this trip started at PINS on Monday afternoon. After the original plan of a week at the coast doing some btb fishing turned south due to no bites and half of the group getting sea sick me the worst (full on chumming). After that we decided to hit the Guad, and that we did in force. Our group size almost doubled due to the younger nieces and nephews being able to attend. We hit the water Wed morning about nineish at edge falls rd. (a couple of the dads and I did the 3351 to edge falls the evening before to decide who was going to go kiddo wise.) and the group of 12 was off headed for Spring branch rd and the take out for those that were not camping and heading down to Rebecca Creek Rd. We did a little fishing lots of swimming. We made Nichols Landing at about 8 pm my cousin and his 2 kids set up camp and were cooking supper and about 9:30 a cop shows up and asks us if we knew that it was against the law to camp there ( he was nice about it) I asked what was illegal about our camp since it met all of the requirements of a legal campsite on the state owned river bed, and he told me that the corp of engineers owned the river, and that since we had paddled in and not driven he was not going to make us move camp. In an unprecedented move I actually kept my mouth shut. After a meal of fresh fish, and a good nights sleep we headed down the river at about 8. The top water bite was on until about 10:30 then the spinner baits, and crank baits. Day two was also filled with lots of swim breaks. Here are a few pics with more to come in a few days.



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