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Been asking my wife to go camping and fishing with me for awhile. Well we finally did it. Met up with DNR and his friend Jason this morning. After unloading they provided the shuttle for us. We fished and just enjoyed the company of friends during the day. The front had the bite off but we managed to catch a few wit my wife even catching one on a jig. I didn't take any fish pictures but David dud and I'm sure he will be adding to this. After reaching the island David and Jason helped us unload and gather some wood for the night. They hum around and visited until it was time for the to go. After they left I ventured into the woods to gather more wood. I came across a feral hog over 200 lbs with pretty good size tusks. It grunted at me so I threw a stick after I had spotted a tree I could climb if need be. After it grunted at me and wandered off I proceeded to break the news to the wife. I then loaded the shotgun and took out the pistol. We cooked dinner and heard a ruckus ad another hog ran across the edge of the woods. Let's hope I can get some sleep tonight.
Good to see you again Robert, it was nice meeting your wife. The women never want to get out, glad she did.

I didn't want to say anything around your wife, but there are 2 or 3 hogs on the island right now. What happened was they got on the island during low water and now the water is up they can't get off. In the past I've never seen them this time of the year.
Hope they didn't bother you at night.

Nice day on the water. Glad it wasn't 96 degrees like Fri. The fish didn't like the front, but I did.
Bet it was perfect at night for sleeping.

The fishing got alittle better as we heaed on down, then the flow stopped and so did the bite.

A few photos-
Being a gentleman and getting the wife ready.

This time of the year the fish aren't real big but we got a few good ones.
The markings on the Guad x SM seem to be more colorful right now though.

A female just about to spawn, I put her back quick.

And a Largemouth

How was the trip Sunday?
Hirschhunter wrote:Sounds like a fine day. Hope she enjoyed it as much as you.

Shotgun and pistol? Boy, you went loaded for bear, or boar. :D Shame you did not have that shotgun with you. I can smell fresh loin on the grill! :lol:

Shotgun was just a little 410 with a box of bird shot in case their was a snake problem. I will leave a snake alone unless he keeps on persisting in being a pest.
The pistol came along on this trip as comfort. After reading the post of the two kayakers fired upon I felt better with it along. Next trip I will bring one with a little more oomph to take care of the damn pig that charged me.
Okay, now for the rest of the story.....
Here is my wife enjoying the current and idly gliding along. She did catch a nice 1 1/2 lb largemouth on a jig.
As David said, the fishing was off but the trip was still nice. I ended up catching six small bass with a mixture of Guad hybrids and largemouth.
Here we are arriving at the island
Look at the water level
Image Image As you can see, the water is up but the current has started to slow from earlier in the day.
Set up the tent and made the campsite ready.
This is my new Coleman Hooligan 4 tent set up without the rain fly on and with a queen size inflatable matress inside.
After the run in with the wild hogs I set up a perimeter on the back of the tent with the kayaks and later on the sides of the tent with the chairs and paddles.
Dinner consisted of some pork chops, bacon wrapped filets, and good ol beans.
Image After dinner we settled in with some nice roasted marshmallows
Paul, after seeing how comfortable you were in your chair last trip I purchased a couple for this one and it does make a difference. Cost $5.00 at Academy and small and compact. Image Able to get enough wood gathered up to last through the night.
As expected neither one of us got much sleep with the hogs rummaging through the woods all night, as well as the two owls that decided to talk to each other for hours and the nice serenade from the coyotes on the other side of the river.
Woke up at six to a small rain shower and threw the rainfly on top of the tent. Soon as it stopped I started breakfast while she started cleaning and packing. After eating we packed everything up and noticed that the water had risen three feet during the night and the flow was definately moving.
Few pictures that I took on the island.
Even witout much sleep she still had a great time. She was even a trooper when the current took her into a tree and almost rolled her. If she wouldn't have been in my Malibu Stealth I think she would have been flipped and lost some gear. They are the stablest kayak I have ever owned.

Thanks for reading.
I am glad the trip was a success and she enjoyed it. Be sure everything is "comfortable" will encourage her to join you again. :lol:

I notice the landing has changed again at the campsite. Things are different every trip!
bowgarguide wrote:Thanks for posting that trip.

Your'e welcome Ron. I have seen hogs swim as well I just couldn't figure these out. They didn't seen to afraid of us and I was not prepared enough to let my guard down. If I would have been by myself i'd have just loaded up and pull everything to the other campsite across the river. This is such a nice place to camp that I don't see them being there too long.
Hirschhunter wrote:I am glad the trip was a success and she enjoyed it. Be sure everything is "comfortable" will encourage her to join you again. :lol:

I notice the landing has changed again at the campsite. Things are different every trip!

I told David that the next trip we make there I would bring a chainsaw and we could stockpile some firewood. There is a lot of dead wood that needs to be cut and the loose wood is getting harder to find.

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