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By Lollipop
4 of us scouted Boquillas Canyon (33.8 miles) in anticipation of a larger group going in April. The water level was up to 2,000 cfs (normally about 250 cfs at this time of year) and carrying a heavy load of silt. I'll skip the snow and having to use a rock hammer to chip the ice of the seat of my kayak on Saturday morning. Canyon winds were bad on Thursday night and we faced a headwind all morning on Friday. With those impediments, we averaged 4 mph while on the water.

At the only Class II/III rapid on this section, I looked at my GPS and saw I was moving at 9.4 mph. Things then got exciting and I did not look again until I was in "slack" water going 7.0 mph.

Attached are two photos. They do not do justice to the grandure of the canyon when you get inside and have 1,200 foot nearly verticle walls.

We had no blisters, too much food, no turtling, no injuries, 2 tent poles snapped in the wind, and the no gear was lost to litter the river.

Good trip, but lower flow, lower wind speeds, and warmer temperatures would have made it even better.

My shuttle driver kept her window down after picking me up at the take out, so I suspect I stank like a hog after 3 days without a shower.

2010-02-24-Boquillas Canyon 170 (Small).jpg
2010-02-24-Boquillas Canyon 200 (Small).jpg
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By Bigrock
Boquillas Canyon is on the eastern border of Big Bend Nat'l Park. There are two other canyons of equal beauty in the park. Santa Elena is on the western boundry and Mariscal is in the middle... it makes the big bend. :)

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