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After some weather watching all week, it was a go.
Ended up with me, Hirschhunter, larry long shadows, On the Guad and a freind of his Craig.
I've paddled with each before, but it was everybody elses first time to meet. One thing I love about putting up an invite is you get to meet people you would have never met otherwise and enjoy our passion of paddling and fishing.

The gang getting started-

It was overcast but not too cold or wet, perfect for fishing.

Everybody probably knows by now that I love catching those big drum we have on the Colorado, and I wasn't disappointed. When we got to the first good fishing area a few bass were caught, then I got a good hit. An 18"er.

Shortly another good hit. A 24"er.

I look over and On the Guad is fighting a good fish.
A perfect specimen about 4.5#

Then I got another big hit, a bronze 22"

I don't know how many fish came out of that spot, a bunch.
Beve gave us a clue - dark colored jigs.

I did'nt take as many photos as usual, and didn't get many photos of other peoples fish, so ya'll post them up.

Water was clear with a flow and not much scraping the bottom, still looks like winter but you can see a little green in spots.


A few of my interesting fish-

Beautiful Guad x Smallmouth - look at the size of the tail, perfect for living in swift water.

A golden Guad hybrid- fat

This is one of the coolest looking fish I've caught in a long time-
It only had one eye, didn't seem to handicap it at all. Hit hard and put up a great fight.
With those markings, I'd say it has lots of SM genes.

We made it to the big island around 4:30, got the tents up and a fire started and relaxed and visited.


Dinner time came soon enough- we always eat good - here's mine

Relaxing by the fire-

After all that food and the days trip I found myself ready for bed earlier than usual.
There was rain in the forcast after mid-night and for the morning. I heard a little shower in the middle of the night and we had a small one just at sunrise but not much at all.

A hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon got me going. On a trip a while back Uncle Buss taught me a trick for eggs camping. Egg Beaters, in the little milk carton. I had southwestern flavor. Makes excellent eggs and easy to pack.

Time to hit the river. Beautiful day, first time in a long time I could roll up my sleeves.
Oddly the fishing wasn't as good as I expected. The water is still cold. I'd guess the low 60's, and the sun was out and pushed them tight to the cover.
But some fish were caught

Larry is a fly fisherman, he got out and did a little wading on a creek-

The flow was moving pretty good and shot us back to the take-out by 1:30 or so.

I tell you, this was one enjoyable trip with some really cool people.
I know I'll be fishing with each of ya'll again soon.

OK, Everybody tell your tale.
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By Maulwalker
Cool post. My buddy and I are planning a Colorado overnighter for April or May. I made a mental note for the dark jigs.

I like the cutout crate bottom that you use for measuring your fish. I can't believe I hadn't thought of that, as measuring fish in the yak is definitely a hassle. What kind of crate did you scavenge for that?
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I didn't tell the section of river in the report. :oops:
It is just below Austin. See the Invite post below and it has a map to the put-in.

Yea, that ruler basket is handy - esp. for big fish.
I didn't make it. The KATS bass tournys here in Austin put on by AKF made them one year. Looks like a plant holder from a nursery.
Very good post David thanks again for invite we had a great time folks.. That DNR can catch some fish and knows his river.It was fun seeing him and Beve talking river bass fishing and baits at launch site. Sorry i have not learned how to post pic like David but here are a few
Morning Launch
Craig and Colorado gold
Colorado Breakfast Club
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By On the Guad
What a blast. I waited in anticipation for the day of the trip since it would be the first one this year for me and I would not be dissapointed. The fishing was great and the company even better. DNR, thanks for the invite and making it such a fun trip. Pretty cool how five people that don't know each other can talk and get along so well. Larry had me laughing all night and Hirsch amazed me with his knowledge of firearms. I'm glad Craig caught some fish and had a good time. He flies all over the country and it's hard to get him away from work to go.
Here are some pictures.....
Getting Diesel on the way up
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/A.jpg

Launch spot
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/R.jpg
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/Q.jpg
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/N.jpg

A look Downstream from the launch
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/O.jpg
Upstream where the big drum hide
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/P.jpg

Nice bass Dave caught
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/F.jpg

Craig with a fish
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/K.jpg

Nice water clarity for this time of year
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/L.jpg

One I caught
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/G.jpg

Hirsch enjoying a break at the campsite
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/C.jpg

Larry and Dave working on the fire
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 0/D1-1.jpg

View from the camp
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/B.jpg

Letting the fire burn down
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/I.jpg

http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/ ... 2010/J.jpg
fisher of people wrote:Thanks for the great report and pics. Damn, I'm jealous!

There will be another you better show..... watch when DNR post you will have a great time. Here are a couple of more pic. I took up what Bowgarguide said coffee in my tent he was right nothing better..
coffee in tent
view from my tent sunday morn
breaking down tents
Chief Brody wrote:excellent pics and write up - thanks for taking the time to post it.

I am going on an overnight camping trip out of my kayak this year or my name isn't chief brody.


If you don't make it this year your name will be Nancy.... :lol: :lol: Just kidding I'm addicted now thanks to The guys on this site
If you don't make it this year your name will be Nancy.... :lol: :lol: Just kidding I'm addicted now thanks to The guys on this site

Hey now! I'm going to do an overnight kayak camping trip this year and my name IS Nancy!
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By Beve
Guys what a great trip! Man I'm jealous. Some fine fish ya'll caught.

DNR and Hirsch--good too see ya'll again. David is a fish catching machine. Senor Gaspergoo. He knows that river better than anybody. Paul-looks like the weather cooperated huh.

Larry and Robert--glad to finally meet both of you. So glad ya'll got to experience that river again. Some good fishing to be had. Larry-how'd you do wadefishing? Robert-great bass!

Those smallie hybrids are gorgeous. It's interesting to see how some are more bronze than others.
Gutter Girl wrote:
If you don't make it this year your name will be Nancy.... :lol: :lol: Just kidding I'm addicted now thanks to The guys on this site

Hey now! I'm going to do an overnight kayak camping trip this year and my name IS Nancy!

nicely played GG
It was nice to meet you also Beve... I was the one that got sunked. I need to use a faster sinking fly but that is one nice fly fishing stretch of river. Thanks again for the heads up on mud bottom I did run in to some. We were laughing about what one of those drum Dave caught would have done to my 3wt..
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By Hirsch
I am still learning to process pictures on here and have a bit to go before mine are posted. That said I am not sure mine are such as to substantially improve on what others have posted. By the same token while I did not necessarily enjoy the same success fishing as others, I did boat 4 small bass in those two days. I am simply fairly new and have more dues to pay along the way.

All that said I will say it was great to meet Robert, Craig and Larry, as well as see Beve and Dave again. Every man there is a class act and will add value to any trip you make with them. One of the first things I noticed packing my kayak was that my cooler had either been stolen or fell out of my truck on the way down. No guys it was not in my garage when I got back. :(

The temps were comfortable and remained such through out the trip. We casually fished our way down in now rush taking pleanty of time arriving in time to set camp and start dinner with plenty of daylight. When I lost my cooler I also lost the package of garlic sausage that was to be my dinner. I got out Bush's grilling beans, German potato salad, and Craig added creamed corn which I heated. Others had potatoes baking. As it turned out every man there seemed to have a 1-2 lbs steak and each benevolently cut me a generous corner of theirs until I had all the steak I could eat. Nobody had to, but everyone was generous and we all had a great meal. That night we sat around the fire and enjoying great company until we all crashed about 10:30. Quickly falling asleep I woke around midnight to hear a rain shower. It continued on and off throughout the night. I think most woke about 7:00 as the showers continued. Betting it would stop everyone stayed in the dry tents until around 8:00 when it stopped.

After a breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, honey buns and oatmeal we leasurely broke camp and got underway around 10:00. Casually fishing our way out we hit the ramp about 1:00. Quickly shuttling vehicles everyone got loaded and headed home agreeing it had been a great 28 hours.
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By On the Guad
jhunter77 wrote:Looks like a great time! I am wanting to start kayak camping and was just wondering what each person learned or would diffrent next time. Thanks for the great post!

I would have brought a pillow. I used a dry bag with my clothes in it as a pillow and it wasn't very comfortable. I will be using the dome tent next time instead of my backpacking tent so I can have a little more room to store items inside instead of leaving them in dry bags outside when it is raining. I will also bring a blowup matress with the larger tent just to be more comfortable. I forgot my folding chair so I used my cooler as a seat and it was uncomfortable to say the least. Also make sure you have a good headlight. Mine was weak and it is hard gathering wood in the dark and carry it while you are holding a flashlight.

Beve, thanks for the advice on lure selection. I just wish I would have brought more along.
By Big Whiner
This was my second overnight Kayak trip and I have to tell everyone...these guys were awesome. Dave, Larry, Paul, and Robert did a great job of making me feel part of the gang and definitely helped a rookie find the holes where the big ones were hiding.

I caught 5 very nice hybrids on the first day with 2 being excellent keepers. On day 2 I felt fortunate to land 2 1lb'ers that put up a great fight. Overall...7 nice bass, a real good outing for me.

As many of the posts above point out, there's really nothing like spending time with a group of guys that you enjoy hanging around with. I mean come on....who do you know right now that would share a $15/lb prime cut ribeye with a stranger! If you do know someone like that...invite them fishing and ask them to bring the food. HA.

Tips for the trip? a good sleeping pad or air mattress is a must and a pillow even more important. I've got a nice 2 person tent so had plenty of room and was able to keep everything dry. If you don't have a lot...don't worry, I've learned quickly that this band of Kayak brothers will definitely help you out in a pinch. Each time I go I learn something else new and put it on my list of things to buy. After about 10+ outings on my yak I've got it all bought I think (at least till my next trip).

Let me know about the next trip guys...I'm in.
the gang beat me off the bank! Great view down the river.
My Ride 135...notice the upgrade seat with the new 2010 seat back. AWESOME.
Campsite was awesome.
Well let me be the first to say welcome aboard there Craig.. dig your user name that is funny and my I say you are good at it :cry: :D I knew you were out there doing a drive by..Last week at this time we were all packing. That was my second camp over nighter also...any way see on the water and tight lines to you Big Whiner...ps thanks for offering me that Cigar

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By Hirsch
Craig, I am glad to see you jump in!

I said nothing but turning down you kind offer of whiskey was not too tough, but darn that cigar smelled good. Alas cigarretes are another vice I gave up only 3 1/2 years ago and am afraid to dabble in again. Still I sure did enjoy that second hand smoke. :lol:
By Big Whiner
Thanks guys...glad to be a part of the gang. I'll make sure and bring plenty of nice cigars and whiskey next time too. Anything I can do to help you out brother. Ha.

I picked the name for Robert (On The Quad)...I know he'll get a kick out of that cause he had to listen to me the week prior. Poor Craig...he didn't want to freeze. posting.php?mode=reply&f=72&t=138104&sid=80737579f632f963ff111ce7914096de#
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