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It works.
Me and the gang were hanging out outside the other night, munching on Fritos.
My neighbors fire pit was right there, I told them "I bet you I can start a fire with this Frito".
I got a couple of strange looks.

I gathered up some bark and broke-up some small dry twigs, lit the chip and applied the bark and twigs.

That chip burnt pretty darn good, had a flame coming off of it.
It got the kindling started though I did have to blow on it some.
I kept adding wood and before long had a nice fire going.

I used the old basic Frito brand skinny chip.
If you used one of the big wide dipping chips you would probably get a big flame.
Light a whole bag and you might have a good fire.

A new tool for my survival bag, and if I get hungry I've got food.
By habanerojooz
I saw that on survivor man too. All that oil in those chips means that one should leave a serious slick on the water. Potlicker diversion anyone? ;-)
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By Hirsch
I was shown this trick some years ago. The problem is there are never any left when I need to start a fire!!! :lol:
By deepseadweller
Bigrock wrote:It must be the bean dip that keep mine from igniting. :?

The bean dip should cause an ignition source... :lol: Seriously Fritos do work though & burn longer than you might expect. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing, but I'll keep eating frito pie.
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By larry long shadows
After reading this post I tryed it with a cheeto. I did not start a fire but that sucker burned great. My friend said glad you showed me that may be now i can get my kids to quit eating them.....as it burned oil came out alot..

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