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It was a really cool trip. I love getting to meet fellow TKFers. Everybody but me had to come some distance to get here and it rained for 24 hours right up untill launch time.
I'm really glad everybody made.

larry long shadows, a freind of his Mike, Captain Gorton and Uncle Buss all showed up early ready to go. They beat me to the bridge. :oops:
After some wild rides to get the trucks back up to the road, a quick shuttle and we hit the water.
Here's what we had to deal with:

The water was brown and muddy but the rain had stopped and everybody was good moods.
The muddy water pretty much ruined the fishing so we spent much of the time in a group talking, laughing and getting to know each other.
It was Mikes first river trip and I could tell he was enjoying it.
The gang:

Larry excited to be on the river:

We made it down to the island and quickly got a fire going and set up camp. Luckily the camp spot was a sandy beach, camping in mud would have been no fun. I was afraid the wood would be to wet to burn, but it started right up.

We had most of the major brands of kayak on display.

My dinner:
Uncle Buss made up a killer pan of "Strider fried corn".

Around the camp fire:
Lots of visiting and comradery. As the night went on Larry kept us entertained with stories and song. :lol:
He was cracking us up.

Then next morning we awoke to much better weather.
That's more like it:

Uncle Buss made up an awesome pan of eggs and b-sausage for tacos. I'm going to remember that trick.

Back on the water with sunshine and green water:

Captain Gorton working a bend:

Larry getting into position to throw his fly rod:

Uncle Buss working Decker Creek:

And I caught me a few nice ones.
Good Large Mouth:

A good fighting Guad hybrid 15"

It was a 12.3 mile trip with 8 hours of boat time.

I tell you guys, I had a blast and it was great meeting each of you.
As we talked about around the campfire, I've never met a TKFer that I didn't really like.
Thanks for coming out with me.
David knows his river and is a great bass fisherman he can park that yak on the river like it has brakes..Here are a couple off more pics and I want yall to know I left there a Richer Man than I came. Thanks again Dave for the invite Buss and Gorton you guys are great I will be back..
Dave and my friend Mike
Corn and potatoes on fire
Buss cookin the corn Strider would be proud
We had a great time besides what we thought were adverse conditions..it was a bit cool, and the river was up but didnt seeem to bother anyone too much....it made for a good time to converse and like DNR said...get to know eachother....

DNR is a great host and a knowledgeable explorer---thanks for the invite !!

Here are a few pics from the trip :








I am lookiong forward to next time!! Nice to meet a great group of guys !!
It always great to meet new and interesting people from this site and I cherish every memory made. All-in-all a great trip with a great group of guys.

I was kind of sad when we hit the river and it looked like this. Look for the beaver :)

But by morning it looked much more favorable for bass fishing. ...and that's what I came for ;) Well that and the good company.

Postin up at the camp.

Strider would be proud of this corn. Man it was so good that I only got a couple bites. Next time I won't be so nice and let others go first. :evil:

Somebody must be heartbroken over this. I know I would be.

Day 2 was great for fishing. Wish I could have spent all day on the river because I know I missed a few honey holes.
Lets do it again soon!!

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