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My patch job worked better than expected. It was also good to know that if you blow a hole in your boat, it still won't sink. My boat would get real waterlogged, but never totally full.

Maybe that is why boats have wieght limits. I need to take some lessons from some of you minimalists.
We camped the first night across from the mouth of Garland Creek, and I noticed a small crack that night. The next day, after about 5 miles, I had to drain the kayak, and I noticed the crack was bigger than before.

At the end of day two, I had a pretty good sized crack. On the morning of day 3, I popped the hole going down the rapids near crawford hollow. It pretty much just pushed the crack upen.

I don't remeber hitting anything solid enough to crack it, but it obviously happened.
I have caught a bunch of those hellgramites, and I always try them, but never catch anything with them.

if I hook them through the last few beads of their body, and put them on a Carolina Rig, will they hide under rocks immediately?

I have a feeling that I need to put them on a bobber, to stop them from burying themselves.

Lasst time I camped on the brazos, I left two hellgramites on my line overnight, and they were still alive when I reeled them in the morning. They are tough baits.

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