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By Yakety Yak
I really did enjoy the weekend with old friends and met new ones. There were 4 of us camping including,Firefly 49, Milret, and Randy of course. Milret's daughter joined up Sunday around noon for some paddle time with dad. Firefly left her line in the water with a shad floating under a cork. Randy noticed some action and picked up the reel to fight a huge bass. I managed to get a couple shots of the action before the monster broke off !! We guessed a good 5-7 pounder ! It was a great weekend!!!
Fish On!!.jpg
Fish On!!!
Randy fighting a monster Bass!!.jpg
Firefly49 had to go to her camper....while gone Randy lends a hand with trying to land a Monster Bass...
Randy Napping.jpg
Randy catching a nap...
By milret
It was a good weekend. Firefly49 showed me her secret waterfall. Randy demonstrated his new wood stove. We were sitting in the cold Saturday Nite huddled around his stove laughing our butts off over all types of weird stuff. Now for the Fish that got away, yep Firefly left her rod in the water, took off to the Condo, when bam her rod starts to take off. Randy jumped up, ran over and grabbed it. He was able to get it up just enough for us to get a quick full body look, it was a monster Bass, and then it broke off. The weird part was her bobber was just floating in open water. My daughter, Michelle, was plum tuckered out from our paddle on Sunday. Thanks Firefly49 for letting her use your Manta 12. Randy spent several hours playing with his Military Hammock and Wood Stove. Like I said once, the inside of his trailer looks like a mini Bass Pro Shop. Randy demonstrated deep water re-entry to a few who came up for it.
Water was really cold. I just sat in my Yak and watched. Great weather, great food, great friends, could not ask for better.
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By richg99
Yep, nice place ....Harmon Creek marina. I was one of the attendees for Randy's school on
a CHILLY Saturday morning. I've posted my reflections on
entitled ===Randy's Recovery "School" was a success=== earlier today..Pix and all! Thanks for the hospitality and great information from all! regards, Rich... Richg99
By kingfish
My wife, daughter and 4 year old grand daughter just happened to be camping at Harmon Creek this weekend, so it was a real pleasure to go over and say howdy to Randy and meet Firefly, Yakety Yak and Milret. I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with all of you and I had some good kayaking on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I caught no fish, but just enjoyed exploring and fishing the area. Did not make it to the waterfall area since I went in the direction of the hwy bridge, but will go there next time. There are some pretty spectacular bluffs on that creek. Harmon Creek marina is a really nice place and worth the short trip there. Thanks Randy, Firefly, Yakety Yak and Milret. Hope to see you all again soon.

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By Firefly49
Me? Well........I hate to even show my face around here. Not that I've hardly tried doing much fishing lately....but wouldn't you just know it --- I turn my back and look what happened! .....and they said it was a BIG one.!!!!! :cry: :cry: I woulda' been real proud of that fish, too....sigh.

I hooked up the travel trailer and headed back home (to the real world) this afternoon. (Sigh...) Gotta' love that new son-in-law who's been badgering me to take his trailer!!!! Now, whether he's trying to get rid of me....or making an attempt to butter-me-up....or heck, maybe he just likes me........doesn't matter! I LOVED that trailer on those cold, wet nights! :lol: :lol: :lol: Despite a few days of on and off rain, I enjoyed every minute of my 10-day stay up there.

Kingfish, Rich, I enjoyed meeting you. Yakety Yak -- a BIG thanks for cooking!!!!
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By Yakety Yak
Kingfish it was nice meeting and chatting with you. The Harmon creek marina is a really cool and peaceful place to yak, fish, or just hang out from the noise of the real world. Firefly it probably wouldn't take much for you to make that your home after the 10 day stay!!! The owners,Pop and Kathy are just real country folks that as helpful and kind as you could ask for. I highly recomend others to give it a try and you will be pleased you did. I thoroughly enjoyed everyones friendship and am looking forward to the next time.
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By Yakety Yak
TD you will have to try to get up there to camp and fish the next time the group are there. Would enjoy hearing some of your stories and just visiting. Hopefully we can do it again in the near future with the cool weather coming in. TD I will give you a call tomorrow.
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