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By traveling man
Last Monday, a friend and I did a 10 mile, three day trip down the Brazos. Started the trip at Rochele's http://www.rochellescanoerental.com/ and took out at there place down river. They offer 10, 20, 30, and 40 mile trips and will work with you on shuttles.
We had a great trip inspite of the rain and poor fishing but did manage enough fish for supper one night. We saw deer and turkey along with allot of nice country. All my gear got soaked so now my living room looks like a Cabela's display with everything laying out to dry, But thats just part of it.
I also got to try out my new hammock, I was worried about getting soaked at night, but no leaks. I don't know if it was the rain or the cool weather but I got some of the best sleep I have ever got camping. The second night I got a little cool, I think a good quilt will help this but for warm weather it's great.
Here are a few pictures along the way.

Brazos River, Rochele,s Canoe Rental

Wet OK Trident


First Night Camp, Hennessy Hammock

Tomorrow Nights Supper

Catfish, Bush Bean's, Bake Patato

Second Night Camp

This Little guy Showed Up While Washing Dishes

Unusual Mushroom
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By Mr23779
Great report and pictures! :clap:

Sure have been a lot of hammock postings lately. That's awesome!
Get yourself over to hammockforums.net to learn more than you ever wanted to about hammocks and modifications to them.

Speaking of mods, check out the 2QZQ zipper mod for your HH. I got the #2 mod for my HH Exped and LOVE it.
I went to strap/cinch buckle suspension for ease of setup. I use Hennessy hex fly when it looks like rain.
I keep my hammock and fly separate. Each rolled into Snakeskins for ease of deployment. I can be totally setup and into the hammock in less than 3 minutes if doing the hammock alone or less than 5 minutes if I put up the fly.

The Rolls Royce of hammocks is the Warbonnet Blackbird. I probably use it most of the time.
Here's mine with a Speer SnugFit underquilt.

Bunch of us hammockers are going up to Stubblefield Nov 13-15th. Join us if you can!
http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/show ... php?t=9625
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By thinH20
Thanks for the report, glad you saw Moc before it saw you. Me and couple of friends are launching from Rochelle's and going up river about ten in a couple of weeks for three nights of R&R I hope the fishings better.

Mr23779: What's the best way to stay warm in a hammock down to around 50 degrees? maybe a light under quilt or a way to secure a blanket inside? I tried a sleeping bag but it didn't work out very good.
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By daveg99
great pics. How did your gear get wet? Also what were you guys using for bait? Usually the fishing is great on the river. Well at least it is up near the dam. Both times I went I caught over 20 fish. Those hammock tents are getting popular
By CelticKid
Thanks for the report. The important thing about going camping is getting out and away. It is nice not to hear the roar of automobiles as they rush down the freeway maybe late for work or the sound or now site(texters) of people on their phone specially with all the crazy ring tones these days.

If you would of stayed home it would have sucked more, but you might have not gotten as wet. Big deal I would trade a dreary wet day out in my yak for one in the city anytime.

It was nice to see your photos and sharing a bit of your life,

Thank You,

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