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By friscotodd1
anyone camp with more than one dog from a tent? We have taken our lab a couple of time and had no real problems but we recently went to the shelter and I came back with a German Shepard. My specific concern is the leash issue. we used a 12' chain for the site and she was fine, at night she slept in her crate in the tent. With the second dog in the mix I am wondering how well the chain thing will work out? they love to wrestle constantly and I am not sure I want to spend a weekend just untangling these two from each other...
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By LC yakr
My bro camps with both his dogs (blue healer & a mix) and no problems other than the one continues to want in the sleeping bag...However, he live in Colorado in the Mountains....He would never camp without them!
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By Headasbigastexas
I took my two dogs, wife, 2 daughters camping earlier in the year. Between the panting, the constant repositioning, the alarming at every nightsound - no one got any sleep. My big lab went home the next day, the Vizsla stayed, and we all slept better the next night. There's a big difference between one dog and two dogs in a tent.
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By Black Dog
The only problem I had with my two labs is that they will pick up fleas for brief periods even with the monthly flea stuff. Dog goes in the tent with flea, flea jumps off and finds a home in your sleeping bag bitting your butt all night long
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By cliftonio
Only have had one dog in the tent (border collie mutt).

Poor old city dog loves to sit at the door and growl; then when she got sick of that it was snuggle time. One time camping in the Sierra Nevada the dang dog somehow managed to worm her way into my sleeping bag, I didn't complain because it was about 30degF out! :o

I would imagine 2 may be a bit of a rodeo
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By Earl
I camp with one or both of my Dachsunds on occasion. However, I never take them to anyplace that may have gators. I do not leash them unless I am in a park. I would never leave a dog on a leash at a camp alone in the backcountry, they make easy targets for gators, mountain lions, or even coyote. My experience with dogs of any size and gators is that if you do not want the gator paying you a visit in the middle of the night then do not have a dog. They can smell the dog and will come into your camp looking for it. They do not care about you but will take your dog. I have had them in my camp and the dog wake up and get our of the tent then you have chaos. A couple of times I have narrowly saved my dog in the middle of the night. The rest of those nights I did not sleep well. Now I leave them at home when in gator country. I also have a friend on the coast who has lost two labs this way. Most dogs just do not know better and will go investigate and get to close.

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