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Looks like a nice little lantern ....... But .... I warn ...... I have 3 small very well made flashlights that use the 123 batteries .......... they are EXPENSIVE .. about $5 each. It says 3 batteries last 5 hrs on high thats about $15 worth of batteries for 5 hrs. I did a google search and found the same batteries for $.70-$.99 each but you won't find them at a normal store for that.
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By traveling man
Academy sells packs of thees batteries much cheaper. Click the customer review on the REI site, I was sold on it after reading the reviews. Then I found them 1/2 off at Campmor. Considering the price for the fuel canister's for the mini gas lanterns do you think there is much difference? http://www.rei.com/product/768619
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I guess I could have worded differently. I always end up buying the 123 from a grocery and pay way too much .. I didn't know that the shelf life was so high so need to buy more at the $.99 range and hold as backups. Gosh i have too many lanterns ...... the small gas canister styles really only stand out in the tent to knock the chill off as was stated in the reviews and expensive and you have to worry about the tent/bag etc. I have two small LED lanterns and lost my "Indigo lantern" somewhere (bummer) My small Brunton stays in the backpack and I have a Coleman "StormBeam" windup which are also good LED lanterns.
As you stated .... the Coleman Exponent Lantern is a very nice lantern and especially at 1/2 price .. a very good deal.
Another good deal is this RAYOVAC LED lantern
http://www.batterysavers.com/best-campi ... review.htm
300 lumens - 4 watts , runs 150 hrs. on 3 D cells and costs $34
this would make an excellent home lantern for storms/hurricanes to boot ... i should have never started looking cause now I've ordered another lantern :?
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