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By DSmithla
So if my wife and I want to get into Kayak Camping, what sort of tent should we be looking for? I've tent camped before, but bear in mind, the last time I went I was using a Shelter Half (and I was a LOT younger). Should we be looking at back packing tents, or something perhaps a little bigger?
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By Renfish
Do you plan to kayak to your camp location? If not, I highly recommend a double Tent Cot. Easy set up and breakdown, raised off the ground, and I think their comfortable.
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Renfish wrote:Do you plan to kayak to your camp location? If not, I highly recommend a double Tent Cot. Easy set up and breakdown, raised off the ground, and I think their comfortable.

are these tent cots waterproof in case it rains?
By rodloos
Since it *always* rains when I go camping (just ask Randy or FireFly if it didn't start raining about 5 minutes before I arrived at StubbleField a couple weeks ago!) I take a tarp for extra insurance. Put the tarp up first, hung over rope between trees, then put the TentCot with rainfly under the tarp.

A big advantage of the tent cot is I no longer worry about rainwater collecting and running into my tent - even if I pick a low spot to place it, the water will just run underneath the cot and not get me wet. Also a lot easier when packing up, it isn't all wet and muddy, the tarp usually keeps the rain fly dry and I don't have to worry about setting everything back up to dry out when I get home, like I used to have to do with a regular tent.

I do pamper myself with an air mattress inside the tent cot though. And as previously mentioned, it's too big to take if camping along the river out of a kayak.
By milret
Tent Cot is the only way to go if you are base camping. For Kayak camping, take a large poncho and a couple of sticks.
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You said Kayak camping not car camping with the kayaks so I am going to say you mean kayaking then camping away from the car. In this case I agree with building your set up just like you would a backpack .... keep it light and small and have watertight bags for all the stuff. A 3 person backpack tent will work fine for the two of you (2 person is just too small) find one that you can sit all the way up inside also incase you get stuck on a rainy day. Go ahead and buy an extra set of light folding tent poles and bring a nice extra tarp to make a vestibule or small outside shelter also.
If car camping the TentCot is great ... I use mine more now that any of my other tent setups. If you will camp longer than a couple of days I like a base camp tent with inside cots better than the TentCot where you have room to move around .. change cloths etc. etc. .......... there are just so many different ways to camp

This is my 3 person EMS backpack tent that I use from the kayak .. It has become my roomy yak camping tent.

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By FishingSETX
My wife and I use this one. its comfortable for two. She is 5'7" <200 lbs (she would kill me if I posted the actual!) and Im 5'8" 180 lbs. It packs down to about 14" long and 6" in diameter. Just be sure to get good sleeping pads. Air matresses that can handle the weight dont fit!!! Never used it in the rain though so I dont know for sure how it would handle it. With one person there is plenty of room inside to store clothes and the like. With two people, ther wont be alot of room, but the rain fly has storage areas that would be perfect for a backpack sized bag on either side. Only problem is it will be sitting on the ground. the yak makes a great place to store stuff for the night.
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By bowgarguide
I do a lot of camping from my yak ,I bought a pop up tent from Academy that I love,1 minute up 1 minute down I always carry a military cot,hate sleeping on the ground, it also gives more space inside the tent being able to store stuff under the cot.
My 2 cents
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By Earl
I usually kayak camp with one or more of my boys. I carry a Eureka Pinnacle Pass 2XTA shown in the link below. It has two sided entry and full rain fly on both sides and quick setup. The rain fly is large enough for me to store gear under and even cook if need be. I also carry the 3 man version when the whole family is along. Whatever tent you end up going with I would advise going with aluminum poles for weight and durability. I also carry a small very light 8 x 10 tarp which can be set up to cook under, put under the tent or if not raining I just spread it on the ground an put the bag on the tarp. I do not carry a cot or pad, but that is just me.

I also carry a quick set up awning. It is an Alps Mountaineering Tri Awning shown in the link below. This is now on my pack list for kayak camping (not backpacking). It came with fiberglass poles but I retrofitted it with aluminum poles. You can buy the poles online and make them your self in 20 min. It is very simple and quick to set up, 4 min.

Shop around you can find what you are looking for with decent prices.

Hope this helps,


http://www.campbound.com/alps-mountaine ... wning.aspx

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I have a sierra designs Orion 3 AST... best tent I have ever slept in. Bathtub floor prevents water from pooling up and getting inside. Lots of mesh prevent getting condensation inside. I have slept in it when it was 17 outside and when it was 95, great tent. packs down small. if you are planning on paddling to your camp area then don't skimp on the tent, cheap tents are absolute crap.
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