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let's go wrote:Damn, I had been looking all over the place for something like that. Bought the Huevo last week and now you post this.

you can sell me the huevo and you will be back to where you started and I will have a Huevo.. :lol:

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Excellent Deal ....... these small light trailers are very quickly becoming more valuable than their larger brothers and will hold their value a whole lot longer. Gasoline prices will rise again once the economy rebounds and smaller vehicles are a sure thing for the future.
What many people forget is that when camping .. you spend most of your time outside anyway .... you sit outside enjoying the view and cook mostly outside and eat mostly outside ......... The main time that you are inside is to sleep.
This shouldn't last long.

note: it shouldn't take much at all to raise the ground clearance on this single axle small trailer ....... most of these small units are set up low to be pulled by a car.
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