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By traveling man
Has anyone made the Devil's River trip before? I would like to go next spring but I hear that locals can sometimes be hostile to people camping on there land. If you start at Bakers Crossing it is 23 miles to the State Natural Area. It would be fun to spend 4 or 5 days doing this 23 mile stretch but fearing the violation of trespass most people do it in one day, five days fishing for unpressured smallmouth sounds allot better. Anyone else in?
By CelticKid
I would certainly entertain the idea of a trip down the devils river. I have not been but have heard about the land owners and the way they feel towards outsiders. A small mouth excursion in a relaxed pace would be nice. Let me know when you plan on going...I would definitely like to go.
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By Drmsfish
I have read that it's best to hire a guide as the pool and drops can get quite hairy. Portage required. IT's a dream river for me, just not on my immediate radar.
By stu
in the september/october issue of Southwest fly fishing there is a good article on devil river
By CelticKid
stu wrote:in the september/october issue of Southwest fly fishing there is a good article on devil river

thanks for the info stu :o
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By traveling man
Thanks, going to Borders Books to pick up a Southwest fly fishing mag. Anyone know of any good guides for the river?
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By Drmsfish
I entered Kevin Stubbs in my palm a year ago or so, but don't have a number. Some guide mentioned him as being good.
By allrockport
We are planning a trip for the weekend of oct. 23rd. If you are intrested let me know. Right now there are 4 of us going w/ the hopes to get more to join us. We plan on doing two nights. Fri. and sat. night. Just picked up a book from ACK and am reading it.
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By traveling man
Allrockport: Thanks for the invite. I have a Brazos trip planed in Oct. or I would take you up on your offer. Have you been to the Devil's before?
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By FishingSETX
I would recommend Gerald Bailey of Devil's River Outfitters. Good friend of my dad's and one of his close neighbors (3-5 miles is close for the area!! :D :lol: ). Like you I plan to do this next year. Maybe we ought to get a group together and plan a trip!!

Edit: This is the closest thing I could find to a website:

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By traveling man
Next spring (after the water warms up) I want to spend 3 or 4 days camping / fishing along the Devils River. I don't know if it will be a guided float trip or just camping at the SNA and paddle up river fishing the holes along the way then back to camp at night. Then drive to Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) camp and fish for another couple of days. I have never been to ether place, but sounds like allot of fun. If anyone would like to get together and plan a trip that would be great.
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