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By let's go
"El Huevo de Rancho", aka The Ranch Egg :lol:


I just aquired Snookdude's travel trailer he calls the "Huevo", for obvious reasons. And since it'll reside at my little ranch on the coast I figured I'd re-christen it. She aint much, but she'll be my home away from home until I can get a cabin built.
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By MarkCM28
You'd be surprised how adequately the smallest of small trailers will satisfy your needs. The more simple, the better to me, plus easier/cheaper to pull.
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By let's go
Ruben says the A/C will turn it into an oversized fridge. From what I've read about these older fiberglass campers of this style they are tight and well-insulated. Guess I'll know for sure after this weekend.
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By double dip
Can't believe you're going to subject Camille to that!

Not that it's too small.....................................

......The fact that Ruben owned it!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :? :? :? :?
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dang.. congrats.. didnt even know snookdude had wewos rancheros..!

and only a 6pk of fabreez.. I would have gone with a 12pk.. IMO.. :lol:

enjoy.. it will bring lots of memories..

let me know when you want to upgrade.. :wink:
By Kayak Kid
But where will you sleep when I come down to stay with you? I have a tent you can put up next to the trailer for you.
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By let's go
It was a really nice weeked at El Huevo de Ranchero. We spent the days roaming the ranch, filling up the deer feeder, talking about where the house will be, sleeping under the shade trees, etc. The nights were even better. Candlelight, rum drinks and a very cold A/C :wink:


Such a stressful place. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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By let's go
Buzz, you are more than welcome to come pitch your tent, but you might want to wait until it cools off a bit. Your outside A/C seems to be on the blink right now.
By johnboy
That is so so cool Scott. I hope that some day we can get all of us down there and have fruity drinks j/kn. You find me that wagon yet??

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