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By traveling man
I wanted to tell all about the greatest camp chair I have found. The Kermit chair, it's made in a small company outside Nashville, TN. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for it has a five-year warranty, comfortable, and very durable, What I like about the chair is that it packs small, has traditional hardware (no rivets), looks good. The Kermit Chair is a light weight chair with the comfort not found in other chairs. It packs to 22" X 4 X 6. Made from hardwood, aluminum, and stainless steel. The cloth is 1000 denier, and comes with a carrying bag. http://www.kermitchair.com/index.html
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By traveling man
It does take a few minutes to set it up the first few times you do it, but I think it takes a minute or so now. The big plus for me is that it packs really small. My original camp chair was too big to fit into my OK Trident.
By redneckmorton
Thanks for the heads up. I might have to look more into that for our next float trip. Kinda hard to get the bigger chairs to pack down right in a yak.

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