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By muley09
Hey guys, I just wanted to know what you guys use for shade out on the beaches. PINS for instance. Tarps? tents? If you use a tarp, what can be used or what DO yall use to stake it out? Im looking for ideas. That heat can get bad. Thanks in advance. :?:
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By buzzbait
Here is the only pic I could come up with, but you may get the idea.
We used to camp down in the middle of Big Shell about 4 times a year. Usually 4-5 days at a time. It is a lot of weight, but it goes up quick when you get the hang of it.
We would make a type of compound with it, because there was always about 10 of us. We would have different areas for food and shower...the works. Each section is 10'x10' and we would put in 5-7 sections depending on # of people.
I can remember going thru a couple of storms down there. One that spawned 7 spouts right behind us. The "setup" as we call it survived, not the tents.
The walls to get out of the wind are awesome. We have since had to say goodbye to the set ups due to corrosion, but they worked good enought that I have gone and bought the stuff for another. I think the last set was used from about '92- '05.
Reminds me, for those interested in the fish portion of our trip. We started catching big reds and we used chase lounge chairs to "net" them in the shallow water!
Pic is of my folks!
Let me know and I will steer you in the right direction for the corners and tarps.
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By MarkCM28
We like to utilize what we can find. We look for washed up poles or lumber or tree limbs and use those as our way of hanging up a tarp. This year though we broke down and bought a yard umbrella from Sam's and stick in a PVC rod holder.
By Longhorns
Academy sells tent poles that work well with typical tarps. Cheap, expandable, and easy solution. Not as elegant as your setup.
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By Randy
I use those Academy tent poles and a tarp,,, one end of the tarp attaches to the camp trailer or to the safari rack on the jeep,,, depending on where, either I use 18" pieces if 1/2 in conduit for stakes or the regulation issue, little metal spike pegs.
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Large Kelty Carport that I picked up in Cheyenne, Wy. at .. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/Outdoorwear.html .. for a very good deal.
I usually use it hooked to either the side of the Tahoe or the side of my utility trailer and sleep in my Tent Cot underneath it. I have used it a lot.



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