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By The Angler
Anyone have any experience with satellite phones? I'm trying to plan a camping trip that will be out of cell phone range and would like a way to keep in touch in case of an emergency.

Looking for some recommendations on brands, or even companies that rent them out.

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By Cuervo Jones
I used an InReach by delorme. It's an awesome little device that has a $20/month subscription charge. You can send and receive texts, forward maps and location data, and use it as a gps unit. Image

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By Aggroman
I've rented one from GlobalcomSatPhone.com for our Pecos River trips. It is the Iridium 9505A. Needed it for a week and with everything minus the minutes it is about $90. Then it's $1.70 a minute if we use it. We called home a couple of times to talk with the ladies, and also called a buddy to get weather updates. I'll never go in the middle of nowhere like that without it.

First time we took one, we had to use. Pecos Flood 2014.


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By Aggroman
This week marks the three year anniversary of our ill-fated Pecos trip. I was reading over the story that my buddy Bert had written about our experience, and came across this little excerpt I had forgotten about. Thought it might be relevant here.

"Dustin stayed with us, and after the helo departed, we chatted about our trip. He mentioned that it was unusual for most paddlers to carry a satellite phone and that most often when paddlers were stranded by a rising river, the rescue crews were called in either by the outfitter who put the paddlers in or by relatives who called when they didn’t show up on time. This usually meant hours of searching for the lost paddlers. In our case, the crew locked in our coordinates, and that’s exactly where they were headed when I flagged them down. "

*Dustin is a Tactical Flight Officer with the DPS

http://lonestarchronicles.com/back-to-t ... the-flood/
By The Angler
Thanks Mr. Cuervo

Aggroman, thank you for the recommendation, and the read, quite the adventure indeed.
Coincidentally, that's the reason I started looking at sat. Phones, in case of flooding.

I'm not sure which one I'll get yet, looks like most sat phones out there's are barley water resistant, which can be an inconvenience when having to use them in heavy rain.

Appreciate the input fellas!
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