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By RealBigReel
Now that STRIPER2 is pretty much fully functional, I thought I might start another project.
There are several places that I would like to access that are difficult to get a regular kayak into.
I have been looking at a Skin On Frame design that would be 12 feet long weigh about 15 lbs. Carbon fiber stringers and aircraft plywood.
But recently I had another thought entirely. SUP, 10 foot long and 32" wide.
Catamaran configuration with wood stringers down the inner edges of the hulls and no skeg.
Would not need a handle, just carry it by the hull.
Of course graphite epoxy bottom for toughness.
Hybrid Kevlar/Carbon deck for the toughness for standing and gear.
Some kind of seat for double paddling. Probably up off the deck to keep the bottom dry, prevent monkey butt.
Maybe a handlebar?
Padeyes and fittings for tie downs, for a cooler and gear. Padeyes mounted on small pieces of wood.
Rod holders like the Railblaza.
Thought I'd use 2 inch thick pink Styrofoam sheet (1.4 lbs density) for the core. Would provide over 300 lbs of flotation.
White epoxy on top to keep it cool.

Basic planform layout

Bonding the "hulls" to the board and adding rocker.


Bent it an inch and half then bonded, expecting springback. Which it did. Got about 3/4" of rocker.
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By jfraymond
cant wait to see what you come up with... ive loved all your builds and am currently in the process of brainstorming up a catamaran style SUP myself.
By RealBigReel
Blank roughed out.


08/12/17 After doing a bunch of shaping yesterday, weighed the core this morning. A disappointing 9 lbs. I had calculated something less than 7 lbs. Glass should come in at around 6 lbs, so still should be able to reach the goal of carry with one hand though.

08/14/17 A little touch up sanding and then mixed some epoxy and microballoons. Filled the divots and then filleted the inside corner and glassed the tunnel between the hulls. This allows me to keep the sharp edge on the inside bottom corner of the hulls where the wood stringer will go.
8/17/17 Got my shipment of composite materials.
08/18/17 Closed out the fiberglass. No foam exposed.
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By RealBigReel
08/19/17 Weighed it this morning at 14.2 lbs.
Put the saddle on it. This is a piece of 5.7 oz Hybrid Graphite/Kevlar Twill 1 yard long and 50 wide running the long way. The board is 32" wide so the fabric wrapped around the sides not quite to the bottom rounding. Took a lot more epoxy than 6 oz glass would have. This saddle is to protect that area from standing feet or gear and also provide a grip for booties.


Calculated weight would be 15.6 lbs. Just a few more ounces of finish work. Other than the saddle the top gets a white coat and bottom gets graphite powder black. Then the paddle latch, mounts points and ties downs.
In the afternoon I painted the top white deck fore and aft of the saddle. 4 oz slow epoxy mixed with microballoons and white colorant.
08/21/17 The other day I noticed that the top of this SUP when left in the sun for only a short period got quite warm. Both the pink (unpainted) and the Kevlar/Graphite.
Today after painting fore and aft of the Kevlar/graphite white, I set it in the sun again. This time the white areas were cool but the Kevlar/Graphite was quite warm. So I painted the Kevlar/Graphite white too. Still keeps its texture.
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By RealBigReel
Been working on my SUP. Have the bottom coated with epoxy graphite (black). Found that a white deck was a lot cooler than bare Kevlar/Graphite. So it is all white on top now.
The Kevlar on the edges did its normal thing and stuck up and wouldn't lay down. kinda stickery in places. Tried knocking off the high spots with a dremel. Marginal results. So I tried the Dynafile. Not perfect but much better and much easier.
Everything in the picture still weighs less than 20 lbs. One hand carry.
Note the padeyes on the back of the rod holders. Same fastener spacing as the Railblaza rod holders.
Got the latch installed for it but still needs an SUP paddle.

By RealBigReel
Took it out today. Wiggle waggle was not too bad although slightly worse going up wind.
Standing was not difficult.
Cooler made an uncomfortable seat.


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