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By Royd
I have been wanting to do this for a while so I finally bought the materials for it and started the other day. It is 11ft x 3ft with 12" pontoons. Turned out kind of nice for my first ever.

I have been shopping for a kayak or a SUP of some sort but I never really liked what I saw. I like to move around some so this is what I came up with. It floats very nice in the pool. Actually it barely even drafts probably 1 1/2" with me on it. I weigh about 155 and I thought it would draft a little more so I am really excited. I will get it loaded down with my crap and get a real draft. I surprised myself with this build.

I plan on fiber glassing and not quite sure if I want to put some bed liner stuff on the bottom for oyster rash for when it happens.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures. I will take more and post them up.
Boat 3.jpg
Here is a picture of the built in rudder. I was thinking of how ships have this kind of stern so I decided to try it out.
Boat 1.jpg
Here is the rear, I decided to cut down the stern to act as a built in rudder. We will see how it works
Boat 2.jpg
A look at the bow I decided to give it a little flair coming back from the nose. Doesn't look too bad. I will see if that is enough for a little extra lift for when some chop comes.
This is gonna be cool to watch. Have fun and we will enjoy your journey with you...if you post updates of course...hehe

Looks really promising. We may be watching the birth of a new water craft business.
By Royd
Thanks guys.

I went with 3ft for more stability. Actually I really did not know what I was doing and 3ft just sounded good for what I wanted.

I am 5'-9" and weigh 160 so I was not sure how thick it was going to have to be when I end up loading everything on it. Cooler and gear. It seems to float well.

I will get a picture of me on it in the water so we can see the draft.

Another thing I would like your opinions on. Do you think I will need to install a keel or put one chine down the middle to help track better? I have some ideas on what to use. I need to take it to the creek or bayou to see how well it does track.
Since it looks like a baby pontoon and it rides high with your size you could just "trim" the pontoons to make a keel on each at least up front so that it cuts the water and helps with tracking. To better explain looking at your last picture of pontoon fronts you can see they are just curved on the sides. To get a keel you need to curve from the top down to bottom middle of pontoon sloping back to the rear of pontoon. Doing the front may suffice to keep more foam to test for stability as you trim it down. It will be a learning curve. Pun intended.
The biggest factor is going to be your rudder as you are turning two keels instead of one so if you have ever been on a pontoon you know that long slow turn it makes. You can do some small scale tests I bet with the extra foam you have like they do on Mythbusters. :D
By jfraymond
cool idea....didn't say what your using to shape but if you haven't already, get yourself a surefoam file and ya can quickly carve the foam to any shapes/slopes ya want.

cant wait to see how it turns out.
By Royd
Just a handsaw, 40 grip sandpaper, and gorilla glue.

Yea I see what you are saying about the keel part. I was thinking about the same thing to just cut down the pontoons or to cut them on a 35 or so starting about halfway down the upper layer and taper at the bottom.
By Royd
What are your thoughts on tapering both sides of each pontoon versus only the outside?

I am sure it may draft a little lower with both sides tapered, but it should not matter really since it floats really well.

I would just make them like the standard toons out there. If you do only the outsides then when you turn the water will hit the flat sides on the inside thus slowing your turn even more.
The standard shape with slopes on both side is your best bet if you want it to turn and track right. It doe not have to be all the way back. Only the first 1.5'-3' back. You can see how far back by putting in water and going forward and see the wake next to the toons. Go back about 1X the distance back where the water is forming a wake and carve there forward. You just need that keel to cut through the water easier. If you aren't looking at big speeds or turns I wouldn't worry about it. Just do a same degree cut down from top to bottom on both sides and round it out a bit and you should be good with the foam.
Not sure if you tried it or thought about if the glue you used will hold after time in water. You may need to waterproof it a bit just to be sure.
By Royd
Okay, I see about not running all the way back the pontoons and just basically maybe the front third of each. I was planning on doing inside and out like you said to help with some speed and turning. The glue should not be a problem as far as I know. I was planning on glassing it here shortly. Just have to figure how much next. Thanks a bunch I really appreciate it.
By Royd
WelI I started the poorman's fiberglass last weekend. And I pretty much finished it up yesterday. All that is left is paint and a rod and accessory rack to build. I would add pics but I can not get them to come on here.
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