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I know this is a yak site, but, I've been looking at a bunch of restoration projects over at microskiff.com and now I have the bug to do one myself.

I am currently boat/yak-less and time is something I have plenty of. I think it would be very cool to restore an old 14-18 ft skiff and use it to pole the flats for reds.

Do you need any special skills, (which I have NONE of), to do this? Or, will patience and time suffice to get the job done?
I've seen some nice wooden yaks built here but it just doesn't appeal to me the way a skiff does.
Be sure and study some internet sites on working with fiberglass to save your lungs. Also techniques are better learned about on a computer than by trial and error. For me making fiberglass look decent turned out to be Black Magic. Making it strong was easy, making it nice was not.
Over the years, I have yerned for more than one of the skiffs that luisjg has brought back,to,life. Also over on the corpusfishing site, you can check out Towboattrash restoration project, one heck of a,job. Take your time and enjoy the finished product. For sure, it is one heck of a commitment!.......cC
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