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By awoodman
To bad their isn't a gathering in the Center of the US...
Sooooo... their is CLC's OkoumeFest '12:May 11-12 Annapolis & Kent Island, Maryland, then their is Glen-L's September 7, 2012 at Nickajack Lake, on the Tennesse River,....Then you guys in TXS....

Man oh Man.... Their are words to some song..stuck in the middle again.or something like that......More like stuck in the center of the USA with no gathering in driving distance....
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By Pogo
Maybe bunches of folks in MO, AR, TN, etc., are waiting for you to jump up and organize a gathering? It doesn't cost anything, all ya gotta do is announce what, when, and where, then show up and see what happens.
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By makenmend
awoodman there plenty going on in all area's, at our little gettogether on inks last year, one participent mentioned an event on lake Eufaula Oklahoma. I went not knowing a soul, saw close to 60 neat boats and met a bunch of like minded folks, someone there mentioned another event in Franklin Louisiana, so last month I went there. Neatest sinker Cypress Pirogues i've ever seen plus close to 50 boats of all description, great folks that fed and watered us royaly.

So there's lots out there, but you have to travel some.


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