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By preacher
I was just telling Ron in a PM that I'm back to 90%+ and chomping at the bits. Won't yak yet because I can't swim yet, but I am statring a new "Honey Bee" Stripper. Got my strongback built and forms in place and about 200 or so strips. No pics yet because I can't find my camera. Had it with me when I had the stroke and we are searching everywhere. Hopefully it's in the rumble storage of the Dune Buggy. Will check that tomorrow.

I get tired quickly but really enjoying the building therapy. Will post soon. Afraid this one may be real slow I am old for sure now at 70.
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By bowgarguide
Great to have you back ,we have missed you.
Just like that turtle take it slow and steady ,makes the anticipation of what you are doing next on the build better :D
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By neon14
Glad you are feeling better. I think you are spot on about boat building being good therapy. Looking forward to your next build.
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By preacher
Thanks everybody for the kind words. I've been having problems progressing because of knee problems. Went to the vet Friday and he gave me a steroid shot in the knee and I'm pain free. Moving right on I finished cutting all my strips ( if that's possible) and completely reworked my forms. Wednesday is Friday for me and I will start laying the strips in place. I'm waiting for a new camera, the old one evaporated when I had the stroke and unable to find it, so I'll post pictures then.

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