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By gerald
The Roundup is done and gone. I think 14 or so boats showed up. Weather was good for the Roundup though a little windy. I'm just amazed at the quality and variation of the boats being built. There's some great craftsmanship and super innovation. My hat is off to all the builders. My theory of picture taking is to take a picture every time I can think of it...and then delete the ones that are obviously bad. Some that are not so good I keep because they are one of a kind. This might sound like a good theory, but truthfully I get excited, distracted, or otherwise occupied and sometimes forget to take pictures. Other time I take too may of the same thing. In any case I usually end up with a lot of pictures. In fact, I'm getting way too many to make comments on them or name each one. So--I zip them up and post them on my photo gallery. I will eventually get comments on most of them when I get the time. In the mean time--like Ron--I'll give you a teaser...or two. Thanks to everybody who showed up. We had a great time. In the lightweight boat contest we had 3 winners. Makenmend took top honors with a 12' 3 panel that weighs under 20 pounds and chose a Sealect Design foot peg system for his prize. I can't remember the name of the guy with the red, nylon SOF but he also came in with a lightweight boat and chose a Sealect Design rudder foot peg system. Realbigreel took exotic materials winner with his construction foam boat and ended up with a nice seat and a Sealect Design foot peg system (he had to take what was left because he was out fishing when I handed this stuff out! What can you say about a guy who only builds fishing machines?).
Shucks...forgot the link to my PHOTO GALLERY.
...and this is the link to my article on the full Roundup Recap.

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By gerald
I believe the outriggers are called ama(s) and the crossmembers are aka(s). They can be adapted to almost any boat, as in this case. This boat--and 3 more--are part of Makenmend's stable of boats. John (makenmend) is turning out some very good work with a lot of thought and innovation. He can give you more detail on this I'm sure.
It is pretty rare that I pay a fee to get on the water. As I checked in and plunked down my 5 bucks (ouch) for a day use fee I talked with the lady there. She was very helpful. Found out about the new food place down by the store. I had brought my own park map so with a few finger points I was on my way. The get together wasn't hard to find.

Picture stolen from Gerald of my 2 boats:



This picture was taken a little early, more boats showed up a little later.

It didn't take me long to get antsy and so I launched HYBRID and pedaled across the inlet and let down a couple of trolling lines. There were a whole lot of kayaks out.


This lake is good for that sort of thing.

Devils Water Holes is not far from where the Roundup was set up. I found on the fish finder, that the water is 17 feet in places back up in there. The water up there was fairly clear.


Came back and sat around for awhile. Then I decided I'd give it another try.
Managed to catch 1 nice White bass. Then I decided I wanted to see the bridge and so I pulled the lines up and scooted up lake. On the way there a water skier passed me by and as he did he completed a flip 2 times. Never seen that before.


I tried to get them to do it for the Kodak Playsport but I did not get that communicated.

Made it up to bridge. Rounded the pilings, checked the time and decided it was past time to get back.
Had a better picture but I could not get it to upload.


I first met Gerald in about 2005. He was in a kayak he had built and I was much impressed. It was a piece of art. The 2 kayaks that he brought to the Roundup were absolutely incredible.
Actually all of the other boats that were there were works of art, with the exception of my boats. I am a "ham fisted hacker" and my boats were built for fishing. I really haven't paid a lot of attention to fit and finish.
As far as the light weight competition went, there wasn't really a heavy boat there.
The foot pegs will go in SANDY.
Thanks Gerald and the rest of the crew.
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As usual I was right down to the wire going to this shindig. but I made it by 10 am .
There were some awesome boats there ,Makingmends had a whole fleet. had a whole fleet. His boats were from his first to the latest one and his workmanship has gone to top notch .
Of course Geralds boats were awesome as always .
The variation of designs and construction were really neat to see from the gentleman skin on frame boat , RBR super light balsa and foam fishing machines, full stripers like Geralds Dragon Fly, Stitch and glue ply hybrids,
and the strip stitch and glue boats.
Here are a few more pics

Now here are three outlaws


Hirsch and the pair of Texas Mullets


folks trying out different boats


a old town canoe that is stripped and going to be rebuilt

I wasn't finished with the Ladybug but close enough so the Texas Mullets could try her for a few days

Ricky trying her out
and I had to paddle her at least once


Wilded and his running buddies

I ask the wives to get in the pic so there would be some pretty to ofset the ugly :lol:

It was a great time and if you were not there you missed out.
My wife and I drove up from San Antonio on Saturday morning.

We had a great time, it was a wonderful venue.
The wind was a little chilly.

I want to thank Gerald, and Ron for talking the time to talk kayak with me.
I learned a lot.
I have been re-inspired. I have a kit ( 2-4x6x16 WRC boards) in my garage. I bought the plans from Gerald for a River Ranger 14
I may start making strips this next weekend.

There were many beautiul and interesting boats.

I was intrigued by the SOF red nylon boat.

I should have taken Gerald up on his offer to paddle his boats, but it would have been too cold if I dumped myself. Gerald did tell me it would bother him if I got wet. LOL

There were others, whose names I don't remember, that freely gave valuable information.
Thanks to them as well.
Overall it was a wonderful experience.

I look forward to next year. I hope to bring a bot by then.

It was great having you and the better half and I hope you get into this crazy addiction. Folks on here will help anyway they can and if you have a problem just throw it out in the forum.
Oh Rodloos I messed up your pic but you got all the press last time catching the biggest fish :D
Bryan: Glad to have you there. As you found out I can talk boats for a long time--though there is a lot going on at one of these Roundups. Start your boat whenever you're ready. We can help you no matter which kind of boat you build.
Did ya'll get much traffic thru coming to see the boats? Or was it basically just the boat builder crews that were there checking out each others work? Would have loved to have been able to go, but got this pesky place down the road from me that insists that I stay there at least 40hrs a week.

RBR, Devil's Waterhole is a nice deep hole, but is usually so full of teenagers (and a few that think they're still teenagers--like myself if in the area) swimming in the area and jumping from the cliff, it's not even worth wetting a line there. Always keep an eye on the treetops thru that area, there is a small population of eagles that live around there and I have frequently seen them around Devil's Hole, usually in the upper reaches of dead trees.
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By wilded
Here are a few pictures of the boats for you guys that couldn’t be there. There were some really good examples of boatbuilding there to look at along with gracious builders ready to answer questions. I really liked Ron’s Jumbo version of the Challenger even if he thinks I am ugly. Thanks Ron and Gerald for putting up with all the questions. Wild Ed







Dogpaddlin wrote:I really am sorry I missed it, looks like everyone had a great time!

You and me both. 2nd year in a row I've planned to go and missed. Fiight got in late on Friday and my daughter had missed school that day with strep so I made the right call cancelling my reservation early :roll:

Now what I want to know is, who paddled RBR's foam boat and what did you think of it? I'm dying to build one of those :wink:
TexaRican wrote:
Dogpaddlin wrote:I really am sorry I missed it, looks like everyone had a great time!

You and me both. 2nd year in a row I've planned to go and missed. Fiight got in late on Friday and my daughter had missed school that day with strep so I made the right call cancelling my reservation early :roll:

Now what I want to know is, who paddled RBR's foam boat and what did you think of it? I'm dying to build one of those :wink:

I am afraid that I am the only person to paddle this boat so far. It met all of my expectations. I would have been and am willing to let others try it but so far no one has shown any interest. Still seems to be a lot of "wait and see" attitude, although as far as I am concerned the concept has "arrived". I won't be building another boat for a while but the next one would be sheet Stryrofoam at this point.
We had a great time checking out all the rigs and meeting everyone! Stacie loved her new ride(thanks Ron!)and did not want to drop it back off to Ron for the finishing touches. I have a bunch of pics on the home puter but my internet service is acting up again(Unfortunately I am back at work). Tried posting one of Stacie and her boatbuilder titled beauty and the beast.

We left the roundup for a B&B on the Llano river(Llanoriver.com)and had a great 4 days of paddling,fishing and RELAXING! I have a lot of pics of that too and will post some when I can. I highly reccommend this B&B. The Llano river is beautiful!! We caught a bunch of largemouth and some guadalupe bass despite not having the right tackle(needed some heavier action rods). All were caught on watermelon red sinko's and most hits were about 5 seconds from initial splash. The majority were in the 12-14" range, some a lil bigger and 3 about 2 1/2-3lbs. Saw a ton of carp and catfish(some in the 10lb range) but didnt target the cats. I have some cool pics of a water moccasin trying to swallow a perch.

Thanks to Gerald for putting the Roundup together and for the trade. The kayak is in great cond. and will be enjoyed tremendously!

Thanks to Ron for building a custom boat(Brazos Boat Works Jumbo Challenger,The Ladybug)for my wife and putting more time and extras into it to make it a beautiful boat as well as a great design!

Texmullet wrote:Thanks to Gerald for putting the Roundup together and for the trade. The kayak is in great cond. and will be enjoyed tremendously!

You are very welcome. I'm glad you like your new boat (the trade). It is a good boat and, has been serviceable for many years and should be fine for many more.
As for the Old Town canoe: I first thought I'd just rebuild it. After a little more study it is going to be restored. It's been around for more than 65 years...I hope it makes another 65. It will far outlast me. The restoration will be on my site under the BBW Projects forum. It will take awhile...but it will be done. Thank you for this opportunity.
Texmullet was my pleasure.
I went back and looking at the pics of the boats and different designs and couldnt believe how small changes make a world of difference in how the boats look.
Gerald and Miss Mullets challangers were sitting side by side everything the same but the extra 2 inches in height and they look like completely different designs.
MM T-V was so different in looks than mine ,it just blew me away .
awoodman, yes that is my general use TV you see with the outriggers set on, just to give folks an idea of the possibilities.
I very much enjoy sailing, and at my age with shoulder issuses I intend to stay on the water by any means I can, hence this build.
Did get the hardware/mounts alighned this weekend,but come to find when I place different boats to see the setup, the height/space from gunnel to crossbar is exessive, so having to rethink this right now. Don't know if this is clear enough.
outriggersbuild (11)_resize.JPG
outriggersbuild (6)_resize.JPG
outriggersbuild (7)_resize.JPG
"Looks like a need for adjustable mount on the kayak. One you can also adjust while on the water mabe?"

interested in any/all sugestions idea's, for sailing they need to be just barely touching the surface with the normal load in the boat, for fishing stability they can be lower.

Right now my adjustment is spacers on the mounting bolts,prior to getting on the water.


Sure thing!

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