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By gerald
I'm making a specific post for these two sites so I can add them to the list of tips.

The Duckworks Magazine is just one of the greatest sites you can visit. Owned by Chuck and Sandra Leinweber who are great people to work with--and based in Harper, Texas. Chock full of great articles and information about a huge variety of boats. You can find some excellent designs here. There are several really good designers that post articles as well. One of my favorite sites. Try it--you'll like it!


The Kayak Forum sponsered by Guillemot Kayaks which is owned by Nick Schade is the grand daddy of all kayak forums. Not sure they've how long it's been in existence but I found it many years ago. Great source of information.
As with all forums, use common sense when reading the recommentdations and advice by some people.

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By Pogo
Duckworks, Joe . . . Duckworks. :lol:

Good to see them endorsed here; Chuck is one of the coolest people I've ever met, and their "messabouts" are great too. It's their form of gathering like our Roundup or Bash. Mostly trailerable-class boats, mostly sailboats, but they're always delighted to see kayaks, canoes, rowboats, etc., show up. Great people, good times, plenty building inspirations to bring home and try, all guaranteed or your money back (meaning it's free). Their Magnolia Beach Messabout is coming up in just a couple weeks: June 12-13 . . . near Port Lavaca . . . you listening, Ron? 8 minutes from Powderhorn.

Messabout or TWS start? Decisions, decisions. :D :D

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