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By Spuds (Piscator Eximius)
Don't know if this will help you guys or not, but if you are into woods, this is an awsome place to find some fine lumber.

Clarks Hardwoods in the Heights


Being an amateur woodworker, I am reading with great interest some of the projects I see on here. One of these days I'll make the plunge and decide to build my own yak.

This forum is a great addition to TKF. :clap:
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By Pogo
Yep, Clark's is a good place for our purposes, depending on what you're looking fore. They carry okoume, and I'd guess the other plywoods we occasionally use as well, and I'd check them against Houston Hardwoods for price before buying. They also carry clear cedar in rough cut form up to 6-by, but watch out, it ain't cheap. Very consistent coloration too, take note if you're looking for lotsa contrast. I end up sticking with McCoy's for my cedar. They have the other good stuff like basswood, cypress, etc.

Most importantly, they welcome hand-selecting. Leave neat stacks behind, please. :D

There was a cedar supplier up in the Conroe or Huntsville area mentioned some time back, and I failed to write it down. Anyone know the name?
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By Pogo
Not sure if that's it or not, but it's going into my Favorites anyway. I don't know of too many actual sawmills around, so this could come in handy. Thanks! :D

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