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I was just curious what everyone prefers to use:

I am a big System 3 epoxy fan, as I used it on my two powerboats, and it was great resin. Their paints are also excellent, but quite expensive, and overkill for a paddlecraft.

I also like West Marine Epoxy, but it does create a lot of amine blush, and it is super expensive.

I'm currently using US Composites 635 resin, and it is pretty good, though a little thick for my preference.

As for Paint, I know you can use just about anything, but some applies and lasts better than others. I'm intrigued by Ben Moore M43/44 acrylic epoxy paint...supposed to be very abrasion resistant and chemical resistant, and it thins and cleans up with water instead of thinner, much like the expensive S3 paint I used on my powerskiff.

I'm still fishing for paint ideas. If you go to a typical paint store, it blows their minds when you want to use a paint for something other than a home application. They get all excited about the fact that that application is outside of warranty. I don't care what it was meant for, but what it is capable of.

I have a lot more trouble picking out a good primer that will bond to epoxy and acrylic latex paints.

I'm a big fan of cheap woodflour as a filler. It is lighter than talc, and good for structural components, glues, and fillets. Just don't fair with it...it rolls up too easy.

I love System 3 QuickFair for fairing. It is buttery smooth and easy to mix, and sands like a dream. It isn't cheap, but it saves a ton of time.
I used US Composites epoxy on this boat, and I am really happy with it and the price. Last boat was West system but is three times as expensive. I use wood flour usually from the boat I am working on. I did try some 3M glass bubbles to lighten the color of the goopie this time and it worked well. For varnish I have used Benjamin Moore spar varnish and it also is working out very well. Also I spray the varnish with an automotive type sprayer.
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