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By TexaRican
Ok, this is a little off topic but I suppose it could be used for boat building. Anyway, I want the opinions of craftsmen so this is probably the right forum.

The other day my dad and I watched an infomercial on the multimax. I've never really fallen for an infomercial before because the products never work like they do on TV. This one seemed a little different though and left us both wishing we could try out that tool. I blew it off as more TV junk because I really was not sold on the concept of an oscillating saw. Then we switched over to discover health channel and were watchin an autopsy. Sure enough, the ME pulls out an oscillating saw that looked almost identical to the multimax (except it was white) and proceeds to split a skull with it.

So, anybody have experience with these? It's alot of money... maybe not so much for a compulsive tool buyer like me. Just have to figure out how to hid it from my wife.

https://www.getmultimaster.com/vcc/fein ... er/629090/

http://www.amazon.com/Fein-MultiMaster- ... B000U8S3QA
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By karstopo
That pepper in your Avatar looks like the Venus De Milo. Too funny. How did you ever notice it? What kind of pepper?
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By preacher
The only experience I've had with one is when they removed my casts 2 years ago. Worked great on the plaster cast stuff.
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By gerald
Not off the topic at all. I use all the power tools I can. Wow!!!! Look at the price of that thing. I would have to have some experience and hands on use before I put that kind of money out. I've always found that when they show you something that looks too good to be true--it usually isn't. I still have an open mind though. I'm definitely in the market for a corner sander, or something to get close to inside edges and corners. My little old fingers get tired.
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By larry long shadows
no way would i buy that thing ..I work with my hands every day I use all kinds of tools the corner sander is a real joke.You can not get that in most corners you need to sand. Like gerald said for the price you could get three tools.
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By Pogo
I must respectfully disagree, Larry. I learned while working in a high-end custom cabinet and furniture shop that a detail sander can be a very worthwhile investment. I've always wanted one of those Feins, but the price has been a barrier, as it has to many. We have pneumatic sanders in commercial shops, including the detail sanders I used, never electric ones. I still don't have a detail sander of my own. I guess the thing is, they're only good if they're really good . . . gotta have a really high quality machine for the kind of ultra-precise action required to make it effective.

Larry, you coming to Inks Lake? I'd sure like to see you again, and I'll let you whack me once for refutin' what you said, if it isn't too hard. :D

I agree with Gerald -- tool talk is most definitely On Topic in this forum.
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By TexaRican
Yeah, for that kind of money I think I'm going to have to touch and feel one in a store - a store that I know I can go back to for a refund.

Karstopo, not my pepper - just found it on the web. (Side note: we have pulled some pretty freaky looking ones out of our garden lately. I'm growing some that bring tears to my eyes after on bite)
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By Pogo
Pepper, if you can afford that thing, I seriously doubt you'll ever want to take it back for a refund. If you have real applications to use it on, I predict you'll find it a joy to own. I've never heard of anyone reporting disappointment in any Fein stuff . . . including their $600 shop vac, which evidently has been selling well in the ten or more years it's been imported (from western Europe somewhere). :shock:

Me, I'll have to take their word for it...
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By TexasZeke
a guy I work with has something that looks like the same thing, except it's made by dremel. It works great as a scraper, he said it would cut through a pine board in nothing flat
By TexaRican
TexasZeke wrote:a guy I work with has something that looks like the same thing, except it's made by dremel. It works great as a scraper, he said it would cut through a pine board in nothing flat

Dremel Multi-Max - $99. I'm leary of that one though. If the Fein was only a little cheaper, I'd give it a try. I guess I'll wait until my wife's next major project request and I'll build it into the budget for that. I'm sneaky in the way I get my tools :wink:
By Iamdamoder
400 bones :shock:
Fein makes the highest quality tools but if you just want the detail sander try the dremmel version. Face it Pep you already own most of the tools that they claim it will replace. It sure would be sweet to buzz off some baseboard like that but I can do a bunch of putty for that price. As for tile and such you will get a bunch more mileage out of a $75 4" grinder. Add a dry diamond for another 30.

2 cents for tool time.
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By Flatfish
Here's another realy cool tool. I can assure you this one works because I have one. I have a planer, drill press, compound miter saw, band saw, scroll saw and a table saw. The Kreg Tool is my favorite tool of all of them and not expensive at all. Watch this short video....

By TexaRican
Ah, pocket hold jointery. Yes, I've often thought of getting on of those jigs. For my furniture projects I really love my biscuit jointer though. In fact, that might be my favorite power tool and it was one of the cheapest models you can get, from Ryobi.
By Turner
I saw that infommercial awhile back and really liked what I saw, until I was informed of the $$ :evil: :evil: Just can't quite justify it right now.... I have most of what it would replace and don't need the rest.

If it fits your needs and you got the duckies to bring it home, then I would say go for it....
By damekanic
it's my understanding that fein had the patent, the patent expired and now we get competition, dremel, bosh and probably many more in the works. the fein has years of experience and had a lock that's why the price is so high. the competition will have to work out the kinks to get it right. if you don't need it right away i would wait, i'm pretty sure market forces will make fein drop the price. their replacement blades are more expensive than the competitions so i'm sure they make a good profit there as well. if you really need one now go with the dremel, it's cheap and in a year i'm sure fein will be in line with pricing and you could upgrade and still have spent less on both than you would spend on the fein right now.
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By Pogo
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Fein to drop their prices. They make professional quality tools, and if you're in the market for that level they do not disappoint. Commercial users especially need tools that will last a long time in the hands of employees who are not always as careful as they ought to be with the equipment. Electric tools like this are often used by contractors where compressors are impractical or impossible. Basic economics tells us that it isn't the price of an item that matters most . . . it's how much you have to pay to repair/replace it. Festool is another excellent provider of quality sticker shock.

I never knew Fein did infomercials, and find it astounding. Must be an awful lot of people out there who badly need to get their butts outa the house once in a while, is all I can say. Now I'm left to wonder how many of those things get sold, but never used?
By TexaRican
Hate to dig up such an old post but I just had to. You guys know I'm shopping pretty hard for a table saw so I'm wading through all my Wood and Fine Woodworking magazines as well as countless web sites. Finding now that just about all the major tool brands have not introduced knockoffs of this multimaster. Craftsman, Dremel, even Rockwell. The cheapest one from Harbor Freight even has a video on their site now.

I'm still kicking this one around. Yep, I don't let go of my money easily. :oops:
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By neon14
you might try this if you can find one. Ryobi BT3000, I love this saw. its got to be the best 400 bucks I have ever spent. bought it about 8 years ago. its got a slider table and you can hook a vacuum to it, its small, you might have to build a table around it. only gripe I have is it is a right hand tilt.
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