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By Mythman
I want to offer my congratulations to all you boat builders and the new forum.

I admire your abilities and end products immensely.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no such skills and/or desires.

I won't be participating in viewing or posting here anymore than I do on the "Fly Tackle, Tying and Tips".

That doesn't mean I do not support your forum and have the greatest respect for what you are doing.

So, have fun and my best wishes for the future!!!
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By gerald
Thanks for the best wishes. BUT--you don't have to have any skills or desires to appreciate a fine craft. Wood, wood composite, or any of the other variations of home built craft are ultimately no better than any other type of fine craft. A plastic SOT can be equally as nice and useable as a wood composite boat. You may be surprised to know that many SOTs, sitins, etc., started life as a strip built plug. If you come up with a good idea for a plastic boat, whether it's a SOT, sitin, or raft, it's probably a pretty good idea for a wood boat.

Wood composite boats do have their negatives but to me the positives far outweigh them. Plastic also has negatives. The finest offshore kayak racers ARE plastic, or more exotic, materials. I drool over a fine surf ski.

I like where you paddle--hope to join you someday.

Oh...and I don't go to the flyfishing forum either. Simply doesn't turn me on. See--I know what you're talking about. Do we have a flyfishing forum?

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